Augmented Reality, Proof of Location


Like most Chain Agnostic Blockchain heads, I spend lots of time crate digging the Blockchain for cutting edge projects, but most of all projects that have a Real-World use case offering and has the ability to impact society moving into the future. Paltin, is a Proof of Location Protocol on the Blockchain that has an amazing offering to society, with a cutting-edge Augmented Reality App, all Humans on the Planet will be able to Move and Interact with digital assets.
along with other crypto offerings anyone using their App will help in implementing the Global Network, with a huge focus on Disaster Relief. The App allows you to do Harvesting of Wi-Fi Signals, Bluetooth Signals and Cell Towers around you, allowing you to help with the desired result of building the Plexus Global Network. I don’t know about you, but I see a massive use case in this project…