Awesome Couples & Duos - People Are Awesome 2018 - Dating group?



What about:

" Hodl Him / Her " !? :smiley:


hmmmmm: Hodl Bae! :smiley:


Smart Contract Dat A$$


The title of today’s livestream sounds like a bio of a clever crypto slut. :rofl:

Too Much Power for 1 Man to Hodl!


deep “Brain” chain. nuff said


This hasn’t been about being appropriate a long time ago ;p
This a contest to write the funniest shit ;p

Haven’t you heard ?!

Gotta keep ‘em laughing’ so they can’t see / forget you’re ugly ;p
They’re not all Asian chicks, you see!? ;p ;p

Since like “…we the generation …”…what about:
Ass Eaters [ keeping it “food” related ] ;p


Fork Buddies! Married but Forking! Monero Minglers! LoL


Holy crap this thread is hilarious!

Banging On The Blockchain :rofl::joy:

Satoshi Singles probably has the most potential of being a site someday.

Decentralized Dating has potential too.

Hard Fork Hookups :joy::rofl:

Love Ledger is adorable

OMG Pump N Dump too much :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

You guys are geniuses


…Moon Riders
…Rocket Launchers

This is the best thread going right now. Dying over here. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Moon Riders is very cool!!! I like it!!!


I get the other 4 but

What am I missing…? A pun or something…? :thinking:


Just for ICON fans :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you mean only ICON fans will get the pun or whatever, or could it be any other coin?
Except for DENT Babies I guess – that just sounds horrible :smile:


I guess it could be used with any other coin. Don’t overthink it. I didn’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol got it
thanks :smile:


Pub Lovin’
Smash that butt you like
Smash that L :eggplant: ke :peach::ok_hand:n
Smash that :+1: :peach::ok_hand:n

Sorry not sorry :joy: