B is for Bitcoin (Children's Book)




Yup. I bought a copy:


it finally arrived!


le sigh - ordered 21st of August - still not arrived - emailed - no response - maybe they are just overwhelmed due to CEO of YEN promoting them.


ah, that sucks! hopefully you get it soon!


Got a response! Looks like the ink in ghina is on back order from the blood of pandas or something:

> Hi – apologies but due to unexpected demand we sold out of books and are
> currently waiting on more to printed and shipped from China. You can
> expect you book in about 6 weeks.

It’s good to know some CEOs :slight_smile: I’m going to think you had something to do with this, and if not I’ll still pretend I can harness the power of CEOs that I sorta know/interact with on the interwebz.
(j/k about blood + pandas)

Thanks John.



enjoy! it’s a very neat thing!


Update* - just received today - ordered August but got it today. w00t.