#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



Hi.thanks for reply.Im holding 3etherium and litecoins.Im very excited to begin investing.as for my question,if I was interested in AI projects,robotics.Are altcoins representing particular tech out there,and thus coins become an investment directly to my interests?I also think that coins may rep software being “sold”? To users of that software innovation?I am a hands on working guy,who has only made a living from whatever magic I could perform for someone for fiats.


Yes. Each coin represents its own company. Its own idea and its own value of the coin! Ill go deeper in an answer later but am with my kids now. For now if you are interested in AI, I suggest in reading in on Deep Brain Chain (DBC). A fairly new project that in my opinion is an absolute winner!


I only joined this community yesterday love the idea of 90day plan and so far everything that I seen and began to learn understand about is gold or should I say bitcoin the knowledge on this site would take you years and you have have to spend a fortune to crooks but I believe now learn invest relax feeeling very positive


Thanks .will look into that.how do you directory your search?


90 in 90 commenced.
Even though I didn’t understand a lot of the whitepaper I got a lot out of reading it. Will read again many times for sure. Loved the idea that there’s more $ for those who play by the rules than those who cheat thus eliminating cheating.


The idea that our current system is based on trust is very interesting. I am fascinated by this B90X idea. Day 1 done… So far this has been on of the best sites I have seen and PETAH! is putting out some of the best content on youtubes these days. Great job.


I learnt about the whitepaper and the value of community in the crypto exchange. I’m in the midst of making a separate account on my pc for the sole purpose of crypto exchange. I’m in this to buy a new pc and a different way to earn money to get out of essentially poverty. I’ve made less than 15K a year for the last 5 years and I wanna change that.


I just finished Day 1 of B90X. Fired up with the Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper. With the number of miners that we have today, I think it is safe to say that it is almost impossible to game the system and try to steal money.

I’m committed to finishing B90X; I’m committed to getting my first bitcoin. I’ll buy every month a little bit of bitcoin, and until I save my first bitcoin, I’ll trade only ETH/BTC to grow my bitcoin. (If I learn that there’s a better strategy I’ll move to that approach). Every surplus of money that I found in my hands, I’ll use it to grow my bitcoin and get my very first bitcoin.


I had never considered the problem of fiat being double spent. That really spoke volumes to me on the need for cyrptocurrency.


Hi there, starting on my journey! Read the whitepaper, and it taught me that I have a lot to learn. It’s difficult without any technical background, and some of the things make sense but they really don’t to me. Hope I can learn, but also think that it might be ill-advised for me to make investments into things that I don’t know much about. Will keep trying.


You’re the man Peter. I’m inspired. Thank you!


I’ve read the whitepaper once before, but I decided to reread it.
Also, prior to reading it for the first time, I watched this explanation of bitcoin:

It’s an extremely well-done. After watching it, the whitepaper is much more digestible.


Im in… just read the white paper, what i learned is I know nothing at all, I didn’t even know what double spending was… im going to need to google some of the terms, and re-read it a few times to understand it some more, my brain and eyes hurt now!!! B90X is gonna be aweeesome learning for me thank you for putting this together.


Sorry for the late reply man.
Its difficult to start gathering information completely from scratch. Try and inform yourself via the Pub, Reddit forums ( yes, strangly this is a great way of getting information as often employee´s from blockchain projects are on here posting updates ) and try and get information on new projects by good Youtubers.
There are alot of trash youtubers that hype up strang projects, but I take the following youtubers VERY seriously:

  • BitesizeBitcoin ( Ofcourse )
  • Datadash ( Yes, he is a younger man and talks funny, but i have been following him for the last 6 months and he has very correct predictions on the overal market, and a very rational view on things. Only discusses fundementally strong projects )’
  • Nugget´s News. He has a paid group i am part of, but his youtube content is free and often absolutely spot ont. This guy is a real guru with finding fundementally strong, long term projects.


I was reading skynet did pre sale on block.this is exactly the group I am interested in supportting.I feel once AI block chain develops,that their superior abilities will reconfigure all block chain algorithm formulas?


Funny that Datadash was one of the first of my pics to donate to rezearch.And Sonnet went on sale 12/22/17.so I’m on track.


Hey! I am in. Looking forward to completing the B90X!


I don’t understand everything in the white paper but!

Any business would be foolish to ignore the ability to transact directly with their customers safely and with very minimal fees. Bitcoin is the precursor to a totally new economic structure that businesses across the world will need to implement.

I see huge positives and minimal negatives. I hope I can learn how to do better with this opportunity.


Decided to finally participate in the B90X, after hours of reading forum discussions and watching videos, I figured if I’m going to be telling people to check this community out then I better practice what I preach.

The whitepaper technicals are way over my head but the idea is very cool… years from now we learn satoshi is extraterrestrial and was throwing the human race a bone lol


No worries. Review again later! Let’s get in it!