#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



I Jumped into crypto a few months ago and hold quite a few different coins. A was not completely new to investing so I, fortunately, did not fall victim to a lot of the things newer investors fall into but it could have been an entirely different story. Following this program is a chance for me to backtrack a little and understand more about the tech and make better investment decisions. Thank you for putting this together!


This is such a logical step in the evolution of currency which is why banks and governments are going to push back. Traction will be made once blockchain technology starts to become useful outside of being viewed as a digital currency.

It’s amazing what a small group of smart people can come up with.


I’m in I.T., but this shit is so confusing on the back end.

This is my 3rd time going over the whitepaper. i pick up a little more each time…

The main things i like is the decentralized nature with the timestamping and the ability to hold off attackers with the proof of work. “To modify a past block, an attacker would have to redo the proof-of-work of the block and all blocks after it and then catch up with and surpass the work of the honest nodes.”


Our digital signatures are so important since they essentially make our coins!
Timestamps are also so important since they are a way to prove previous hashes exist.
Is this why we sign and date all legal documents?
Essentially we are doing the same thing digitally in crypto.
Very interesting read.


10 Days of bitcoin complete - check
Welcome - start here complete - check (wow!)
Become a Patreon (do it!) - check
Initiate B90x protocol activated!

Thanks Peter!!!


Just getting started with the B90X

I can’t believe that I didn’t take this course earlier! My crypto currency experiences started way back in October when I purchases $19.97 worth of XRP. At the time, i was hearing about crypto, but still did not fully get involved with it until much later.

Well, during that time that small $16.97 turned into almost $30! It’s not much, but it did get me thinking that holding something for at least the mid term was much better than trying to day trade. I keep on hearing things like “day trading is more profitable” and that you should get in on this “new ICO” that’s coming out.

Now it’s Jan 2018 and i have seriously begun to get into crypto learning, and yes trading, but something tells me that I’m not really ready for the day trading scene quite yet. And I’ve been thinking about that first XRP hold that I did, and watching some of the videos that have been put out by some of the members here. It really does pay to do long term.

Look forward to the journey and learn lots - and of course finishing this 90 day challenge!

-Darcy C


Welcome! You’ll find that long term holding is far superior to trading. It’s just not as sexy.


Hi, should I officially start today? Am up for it!


We start. Every day. Let’s go.


One of the things I learned is what “nonce” means. Or I had forgotten. I’m going to assume that this is one of things miners verify.
I also found interesting the short topic of buyer protection and escrow. Perhaps I’ll have to do more research, because I’d like to know how this is achieved. Does a seller, or receiver of the bitcoin simply put the payment aside, out of circulation for some predetermined time?
I also found it amusing that the probability equation was included in C, a nice touch.


Day 1 - Here goes nothin’!!

Man Satoshi’s paper is a heady one. Going to need to review it several more times, but I learned the probability of a 51% attack diminishes exponentially as subsequent blocks are added to the chain.


Ok here it goes. B90X…in it to win it.

Satoshi’s Whitepaper I found pretty outstanding and really wish it was something I had come across a decade ago. While my head can not really make sense of the rather complex mathematical equations and formulas, the explanation is sound.

In a nut shell you take away a third party human element in an exchange system. The “trust” or lack thereof in the third party is often what is most exploited. By eliminating that party and making a P2P ledger all users keep each other honest.

In terms of security…the ability of a nefarious single user attempting to subvert the system in various ways becomes over tedious and the probability of success ultimately has diminishing returns. Essentially the system works better and is more profitable for everyone when everyone simply plays by the rules so to speak. Ultimately the person attempting to beat the system is the one most likely to lose.

This is a paper I will have to read several more times but I get it for the most part. Maybe one day I will even understand all that Sanskrit that was put in there.


Time to get serious about this. Started B90X today and signed up for the free 10 days of Bitcoin as well. Looking forward to learning more about the crypto world.

Not sure if I learned anything specific with the whitepaper, it was pretty technical, but I have already gotten halfway through the free lectures Princeton put up on Youtube, so some stuff was familiar. It will probably take a while before I fully understand any of this though.


Don’t quit! Learning over time! Glad you’re here!


Woohoo! I was first introduced to BTC about a year and a half ago, and used it primarily for fee-free currency exchange. Little did I know its true implications and the amazing potential of blockchain technology. I have to admit, some of the more detailed and mathematical concepts in the whitepaper go way over my head… but I’m doing my best to learn and become a successful crypto trader. Day 1 in the books.


Already a member of the pub, I am happy to be a part of the ride. On top of my usual daily study, it was about time I jumped into b90x as well.

What excited me about bitcoin and the white paper was the innovation behind the desire to create a truly new currency that is DEFLATIONARY in nature, that rewards savers, and can free us from current financial institutions.

I don’t have many who I can invite on the ride yet, but those I do, are intimidated by crypto. Referring them to the program will hopefully allow them to feel more secure about the prospect of blockchain. As much as crypto is an investment, it’s a lifestyle and in its final form, a true currency. That is the day I’m really excited for. Let’s get to the moon, my friends, even if we need to pioneer it.


Just started the B90X challenge. I’m a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m all in! I read Satoshi’s white paper. It was eye-opening and put Bitcoin into another light. I understand what he is trying to accomplish. I’m feeling good.


That’s where you always want to be. Uncomfortable.


Doing B90x and 10 days of Bitcoin at same time and both talk about the beginning of Bitcoin. After reading the white paper with the first 10 Days of bitcoin email just mind blown. The technology and mystery behind it is just like a movie plot. Definitely a firm believer of the technology and no amount of FUD can change that. Currently saving up for a ticket to the big show :rocket:


Im blown away by the simplicity behind bitcoin. I wish every great idea was this easy to comprehend.