#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



I’ve read whitepaper and understood much of it, but feel like I need to read 3 more times to make sure I fully grasp the greatness of this technology.


This is actually the first time I’ve looked at the whitepaper. I picked up on most of this after seeing the countless lectures of Andreas Antonopoulos. What got me on my first Bitcoin was seeing Andreas on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Powerful Joe Rogan. I still learned a few things from the whitepaper more stuff I don’t completely comprehend. Thanks @sharmarohan958 for posting the video of John’s read through.

Some of what Peter said about getting bummed out after buying in late or selling to early resonated with me. Having a good investment strategy would have avoided that. The amount of trustworthy information here is astounding. Thank you pub.


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I read the Whitepaper for the first time, Noob with over 2 weeks of Cryptocurrency experience.

I sorta comprehend the Abstract and the Introduction. Peer to peer is basically transactions person to person, with no third party entities collecting taxes, fees, and/or causing red tape.

After this, I am lost. What is all this witchcraft? lol. I need to save this and carry it with me and educate myself. I have a lot to learn.


That’s why the Pub is here! We can answer any of your questions!


Oh snap, Peter! I am honored brother.


Completed day 1 of B90x, after finishing the 10 day challenge.

Currently invested in BTC, ETH, and a host of altcoins. At this point, I am gambling based on twitter and a sense of the technologies, and do not currently have real skill as a trader. Basically want to spend 24 hours a day learning but I have a 40 hour per week job and an 18th month old son. I am investing time every day in physical and mental discipline and knowledge acquisition.

Read Satoshi’s whitepaper yesterday, and much of the technical conversation was over my head. What I did get from the paper is how much the current crypto market coins still are based on his original vision, even ETC-20 based coins. The big revolution of the whitepaper was the ability to establish trusted transactions even when the parties involved don’t trust (or know) each other, and without some centralized arbiter controlling the strings - this has never existed in human history and it is exciting to be part of the change.


Excited to be part of a community, usually I been more to myself kind of guy, but see all amazing content @peter has put together and was drawn in. Hope to be able to contribute in some meaningful way in near future. Thank you.


Just by being here you strengthen the network!


Indeed :slight_smile:


I’'ve completed the 10 Days of Bitcoin course and have finally started B90X.

After reading the Bitcoin Whitepaper, I can see the motivation behind creating a decentralized, unhackable, mineable, public ledger blockchain. We’ve seen many lives ruined and disposed of because of third-party intervention, despite its “good” intentions, whether it’s banks or lawyers. To see this product that ANYONE can own a piece of is probably one of the most wonderful gifts that could have been invented and given to humanity. Whoever Satoshi is/are, it’s clear they, like many cypherpunks, are just as sick as we are of the seemingly never-ending abuses caused by governments and institutions with “good intentions” unto innocent people.

Also, as someone who’s more independent-minded, being my own bank - other than in the form of stashing cash under a mattress - is attractive to me. I’m glad I entered this space and I absolutely love learning as much as I can about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain. TO THE MOON!!!


Glad you’re here! Awesome man!


Wow it was really interesting to learn how blockchain works. The math was way over my head but thats not saying much. The key concepts I learned from this was difficulty for dishonest nodes to add to the blockchain. To haver enough cpu’s to create a majority ruling on a transaction would be a feat enough but to also have to keep up with the speed of transactions and stay ahead is just impossible. Nodes relying on the longest chain makes a lot of sense! Thanks thebitcoin.pub for ensuring I read the information about the technology I invest in. It’s embarrassing that I didn’t already read this…


I’m in! Day one complete! I’m 40, 2 years away from a military retirement and I fly for a major Airline but I’m tired of the grind or rat race… Been a techie my entire life and have always been fascinated by Bitcoin and the entire crypto movement and am kicking myself for always being a spectator… No more spectating… thanks guys for setting all of this up…



HEllo, key concepts I learned from this was hard and difficult for dishonest nodes to add to the blockchain. You need substantial CPU’s to create a majority ruling on a transaction. I also read about the nodes relying on the longest chain. Guess it makes more sense to do that. I appreciate the knowledge, I been in since october, but i have never done any sort of TA in general, great way to start learning new things that will help mold our economy .


Hi, I’m new to this chat. I really don’t do social media, to the point that I couldn’t find the comment button yesterday :joy: I’m really interested in Crypto and I spotted a Decentralized video that spoke about this 90 day challenge. I have so much to learn and I thought it was an awesome idea.
I’m from Spain, and live in Boynton Beach Florida. I’m a manager for a Broadcast company and I’ve been super obsessed with crypto for 2 months now. I’m long on Crypto and blockchain technology. I decided to go in in December with good amount, I’m kinda mad at myself for putting almost all my liquidity in and now that I’m severely down I don’t have much cash left to buy more. The reason for me being mad is because I thought everything was overpriced and needed a hefty adjustment, but as I learned about different coins and seeing things go up I definitely got caught in the FOMO. Also I got tired and stressed of always deciding when it was a good price to go in. That is actually the worst. I’m definitely not a day trader. But live and learn. I’m waiting patiently because it seems it can still go down quiet a bit before I put a little more in.

About the white paper I can’t say I understand everything perfectly, I think it was an amazing idea and crazy vision. I’ve always been very attracted to gold because of how insanely economies and federal banks work. So obviously I see a lot of potential in bitcoin. Crossing my fingers for mass adoption. The biggest problems I see or wonder about is the fact that very few people own the biggest amounts of bitcoin, so that seems dangerous to me. Also I don’t really understand how once mining is over in a few years how the system will stay a float. Heard the miners will then get tips, I’m guessing those tips would be fees. They would have to be major fees to keep these servers going. And of course if these servers turn off, then the whole system disappears :expressionless:
Again I don’t understand a lot of the technical part, still have a lot to learn. I’m sure they have thought of that.
Thanks for having me


I’m just glad you’re here to start your journey! You’ve begun at a rocky time! Stay in there, it’s only just begun!


Done! I’ve never imagined that I would be able to understand it (at least a decent part of it). This is an awesome surprise, being this my first time reading the whitepaper.


I basically learned that I probably will never truly and deeply understand how crypto-currency works and that I probably don’t need to on this deep of a level.

I relate it to my job, I fly jets for a living. I know how to fly a plane, but there actually is a lot I don’t understand dealing with the mechanical and computer engineering of the aircraft.
But ultimately, I know how to utilize it and perform my job which is most important. In other words, we are taught on a need to know basis.


I am at least 90 days late to the party but hey, there are 90% of people still out there behind me (I think).
Finally got an excuse to read the white paper… why else would I ever want to read it!? LOL. Thx for the excuse!


ps. btw love the auto-pick avatar… this computer knows me too well…