#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



Well, I started Down the B90X road yesterday. The white paper is short and sweet and I get the idea. Here we go


Just starting my ride on this. Fully committed! Let’s do it!


the whitepaper is very strait forward. as simple as it is, it elegantly solves the banking problems. no third party and no double spending like money has today. it gives me the power to control my money


One thing that stood out to me was that Satochi very briefly mentioned mining. From what I understand miners earn both from fees and the yet-to-be-mined-coins.

Recently fees were becoming a problem (way too high), and that begs the question:
Suppose the ‘unmined’ coins are all found and because of the extravagant fees, pretty much no one does Bitcoin transactions. From my understanding there is already better tech out for this out there (ltc/nano?) and arguably btc could become something like gold, which is not really used for transactions, just to store value. What would the incentive be for anyone to keep mining and therefore broadcasting blocks through the network?


Done with day 1! What I was really amazed by was how simple the architecture described by Satoshi is even though this technology has the potential to change the world. Here’s to a decentralized future :beers:


Ok read it, now for the next step


Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper

I like the idea of getting rid of the double spending, I like not having to use a trusted third party to exchange currency. I like the freedom to do whatever I want with currency without government involvement.

A lot of people talk about crypto being fraudulent and dangerous, but I like the proof of work idea. Really shows that this is a very safe technology. Especially with the topic of it does better to play by the rules of bitcoin if you want to get ahead, trying to steal currency will just put your further behind. Keeps things honest.


I’m committed to the process and I’ll finish the 90 Day Challenge! :slightly_smiling_face:


Want to do as daily challenge…

Day one links to a guide that includes day 12-15 (and a bunch more) videos :see_no_evil:


Having just finished the Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper I must say… I did not understand Bitcoin as well as I thought I did. Very very interesting stuff. I’ve been researching cryptocurrency for over a year and have been invested for more than 6 months and I never thought once to take a look at it. Glad I did. Now I’m ready to knock out the other 89 days!!! Lets get it!!!

Also, I’d like to add that I noticed whoever wrote the whitepaper refers to Satoshi Nakamoto as a “We” and there is always two spaces after every sentence. “Stay frosty my friends”. Hahaha


I recently read the white paper but since I’m starting B90X over again from the begging this time with an partner I decided to print out the White paper so I can refer to it again in the future & read it again when I have more time. I also printed it up so I can give a copy to one of my friends that I’m thinking about inviting to the pub later in the course.
I am also strongly considering dollar cost averaging into Ether classic $100 per week for 52 or Litecoin.
When Classic hit $39 I knew it was way to high I’ve watched it come down to $29 today which may be a good entry point to start. I may do the 10 days of bitcoin email course first so I can learn more about technical analysis before I jump in.
Got to go to work…
Stay classy & never go full retard…


It’s making more and more sense. Can’t wait to buy my first node and be completely involved in the future of money.


My name if Jeff T my handle on Bitcoin Pub is Grasshopper, I start gaining interest in crypto mid December 2017 after watching a sitcom called The Big Bang Theory, the tech guys staged in Pasadena California were looking for Bitcoin stored on an old computer, now I remembered hearing a few times about this Bitcoin on the news, most of it was towards bad reviews of it so I didn’t give it much thought, but that day watching this program and seeing them make all effort to find this computer made my interested in my own research, I pulled it up like I would if I was looking for stocks and bang, there it was $19,640.00 per coin.

Let me say this, I’ve made some bad choices over the years and some good ones too, recently I tried my hands in the Vaping (ecig industry) unfortunately it moved to fast and is a young persons game, you need social media, the hype and tons of friends to promote it, plus California’s new regulations as well as FDA regulations hurt me, during the time of trying to build my Brick & Mortar I was also working in HVAC M-F with a regular job and doing my own on weekends.

So needless to say, I was stressed and stretched thin, after quitting my day job so I could focus on my new B & M, I started loosing my weekend work too.

Now to shorten this up, I had the shop open for 1 week, the Friday after going home I get a call that some kids were racing in the back lot, one of them went through my shop, destroying my back roll up door, concrete supports and the man door, now I have no security plus this was the main entrance to my shop, needless to say, this took 5 months to fix, I moved out with 2.5 months, sold off my stock and tried to get my 53 year old life back on track.

While I was able to be at home since September 2017 till now, it gave me time to really dig deep into crypto, I see this crypto movement growing fast then I seen the Vape Industry grow from 2014-2017.

So with crypto, I’M ALL IN, this is incredible, the Blockchain Technology, the many different coin or token projects, this brought me back to life.

My goal is to retire, I have no retirement, I projected that if I live to be 75 how much would I need after Capital Gains to live off of monthly, I projected health care, monthly activities, monthly bills etc…

I would need about 2m after taxes, you see I don’t want to be climbing in someone’s attic doing HVAC for the rest of my life, my body can’t handle it and I don’t want to be that greater at Walmart either.

I see this crypto movement as a scary but exciting and yet fantastic adventure and advantage.

I have built a matrix spreadsheet with all coins, yes all 1500+ coins, I’ve created links to their websites and CMC, I’ve looked at all coins and tokens, watch countless hours of videos including Decentralized TV, yes Peter, I pushed the bell.

I am doing what I feel I can do, but I still need much help.

I am now starting back with the B90X

Sorry for the long thread, hopefully this will help, or make some of you think or reach out

Thanks for your time
Jeff T


Hang in there grasshopper. I too have lost everything. I had In a divorce last year. From my retirement 401 k to my main house and two rental houses . A nice yard. All the things that make life easier, is gone. Now I rent a house (roommate just moved out stuck with a 12 month lease) I have business and credit card debit. Prob have to sell my truck and downgrade. And possibly bankruptcy. I got started in crypto last April. Something my x wife definitely wouldn’t approve of. (Good thing she can’t control that now.) I’ve always had an open mind about how we as a society have been somewhat held back. Go to school, college, get a job, have kids, work for the man , grow old , die. We get so wrapped up in our work and bullshit to make ends meet. We forget who we are and who we can be. I’m 40 years old. I’m finding out , my time is more valuable than material things and money. Don’t get me wrong , I like nice things for an easier life but at what price. In fact my ex also told me that I’m not a great catch right now because I don’t have anything. (Money, material things to offer ). I didn’t know you needed things to be loved. This just fuels me to get involved in this new technology, crypto, and blockchain. I’ll fight to get out of the hole I’m in. I’ll fight to prove my ex wrong. I’ll fight because I love this new technology that will give more power back to the people. Most of all…I’ll fight for my two daughters (4-7). There will be a time when this crypto and blockchain tech will make a path for me. It will give me time and freedom to explore what life really is about. I believe we’re on the right path grasshopper. It won’t be easy…but nothing worth fighting for is. Hang tight brother.


We all come from different walks of life. Struggles in every life. It’s part of life.
Stay the course grasshopper. You’re welcome here! cc @Bennyblades


it s been two months that i am doing like peter said,like searching for information everywhere and i found real good resources and really cool people,but i didn’t find something real cool like the B90X,peter this is so sick material i m starting now reading the whitepaper of bitcoin for my first time,and i can say that satoshi it’s a real genius,and is more genius because he written it in few years and he makes him a real visionary,i have to be honest also i understand pretty well the english language but i still an italian guy and tecnical terms are a big wall for me,but i found a new passion and that passion is crypto,i m going to be commited to the b90x.I am so happy and glad to be here,thank you peter and thank you guys


HAY HAY HAY HAAAAAY!!! I just finished the paper and not only am I going to complete B90X but I will use this time to change personal habits and get back into to shape. I will do before and afters for my funds and my Gunz LOL. I will document my progress on here and on the YOUTUBES. I have a bad couple of years but my family and I are rebuilding are lives and are really looking forward to what is next for us. Here is my youtube link tomorrow it starts!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6YI_Tj2-fM Ok I just made an edit to this post. Here is my 1st of 90 days in row making videos documenting it all!!!

P.S. Peter you are one of my top 3 Favorite Crypto Youtubers. Keep doing what you do it is awesome.


I still cannot believe that I had not read this white paper before. Understanding the technological aspects of the white paper was not what intrigued me, the way Satoshi wrote this white paper reminded me of Arron Swartz’s “Guerrilla Open Access Manifesto.” Wow


That white paper is like the mother of all white papers. So clear and concise! Satisfaction hit me after completing the read through. I look forward to the day when I own a full BTC <3


Hey folks! Peter and bro’ have put something great together here. I’m loving it.

I’ve been a computer geek forever, and I somewhat successfully day traded for a time years back. I’ve been watching the crypto thing for a number of years, and saw this pullback we’ve seen as the time to get involved. So I’ve been sucking up information like crazy and have made a few trades over the last 30 days or so. I’ve chosen a paid Guru to help me with picks and education. That was my first real commitment. Being here and signing up for The Challenge is the second. I’d love to make my Guru unnecessary.

I started the #b90x challenge today. I’m going to double up, and do two sessions a day…rain or shine. I’m going to endeavor to do all of the homework.

Towards that end, I just re-read the S. Nakamoto paper and am writing this reply…

My first comment is that’s striking how short and simple it is. I’ve read a lot of white papers as a software engineer. I don’t think I’ve ever read one shorter and simpler than this that was worth a darn. It’s great to have the cornerstone of the whole Crypo Craze be so approachable.

Having an engineering degree, and still remembering a fair amount of my math, I can follow the more technical parts of the paper. I find the tables of probabilities of the network being compromised to be quite intriguing. I’m trying to wrap my head around it and the 51% dilemma. I’m wondering what’s really possible for an attacker, at say 49%, or 53%. I don’t see that gaining a majority of CPU power necessarily breaks the piggie bank.

Is there a discussion thread here or somewhere else that someone can point me to that delves into the exploitability of BTC and other blockchain, proof-of-work based cryptos? I’d love to read more about this and maybe get in on the discussion.

I’m also very interested in the sustainability of BTC in the face of growing adoption. I wonder how long BTC can remain viable…how long it will be before it fails due to its own weight (of necessary compute power and storage space).

Finally, I wonder if BTC could topple due to something like this, or a similar social issue: