#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



Day 91 and the white paper still gives me the tingles :money_mouth_face::bitrocket::explopants:


Day 1 of 90… check.


Satoshi, has to be one of the greatest innovators of our time. B90X day 1, go…


Learned about how the system is built and really these guys are smart they have a vision with the right mission, with the power of lots of people involved it can take down the world anddd to the moon!!


Had never actually read the entire white paper before but had read many articles and forums about Bitcoin how it was meant to work and so forth but reading about the way they deal with attacker on the system was quite interesting.


I’m super excited by the 90 day challenge. I have been studying independently for the last 5 months, but I am excited to have some structure and direction here.
Yes, the white paper… What a headache. I’ve gone over it at least 4 times. I understand the basic concepts. I am lost on the complicated math and computer science stuff. I certainly feel like you need a degree in Computer Science and Math and Coding to understand this. Over my head in many places.
I loved the additional links to Nick Szabo, Hal Finney and David Chaum. What an underground revolutionary community!!!
I am certianly no longer beating myself up for not being an earlier adopter… There’s no way I could’ve comprehended this information 10 years ago.


Thank you Peter for creating B90x and helping out the CryptoNation.
I’m commited to complete B90x and I’m very excited to learn new things.


Let’s do this. The time is now…


Funny you would say this right now Petah. I am en route back home from the Appalachian Trail and passing by Atlanta at this his moment. During my hike I determined that this is my time, MY time to begin B90X, simplify my life and become a spartan warrior in full control of my destiny. Thank you Peter and some day I’m buying you a cold one as a thank you.


I guess I will start as well. I recently just finished 10 days of bitcoin,
Time for the next step.

Peter(the crypto-moksanim. lol, jkjk), and everyone else involved with the crypto nation that you have/are building. Im thankful for all that you do. When I first entered crypto, I was by myself, and learning everything by myself. I didnt know where to start, what coins would suit my flavour and crypto goals, who was reliable and credible.

I was saving my BAT tokens but they are yours now my dudes.

“May the Force be with you Harry. Live long and prosper” -Gandalf


I’m here for the long run. Making notes, leaving it for future generations. I don’t understand 100% of what I read in the Bitcoin whitepaper but how powerful can 8 pages really be!!!..wow!


I learned that smarter people than me are creating an awesome future for all crypto enthusiasts. Seriously, I am stoked to runthrough this course.


Don’t quit. It gets better!


Thank you and your team for being who you are. The way you present information and the TV channel are simple to understand and very entertaining! Keep up the good work(s)!


Hi sean luarca singed up CryptoDingo - Firehose is on full blast and mouth and cant drink enough! Mining and trading and wanted some more refined info, not here for the sprint and here for the marathon. Want some moon boots.

White paper- fascinated by the whole thing, the concept all the parts of it (still learning). Want to learn more about nodes.


You watch, Satoshi Nakamoto will be nominated for Nobel Prize for revolutionizing the financial world and put an end to the tyranny of banking established by the Medicis and continued by the Rothschilds today. It’s about damn time.


White Paper read. Although it was more than a bit confusing to me just the whole idea of not needing the 3rd party banking industry to complete a transaction is the bottom line and what makes this all so exciting !


Time to get jiggy! :cricket_bat_and_ball:


Its crazy that it was published in 2009 and I’m just getting involved now. Hope I’m not too late to the party! :crossed_fingers::v:

  1. Been here for a while, but this is my first time posting.
  2. Read the paper. I was amazed at how short it was. Also, not too much math except at the end.
  3. I think my cousin would be interested, but we shall see.