#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



It’s time to go. Thanks for posting! Now is the time!


Its brilliant but its more incredible that he explained it in only 9 pages. Still wondering if its only one person or a group of people? Epic that we don’t know who it is.

My girlfriend is going to get onboard!:rocket:


Time to start it again! Can’t wait. Change is about to be implemented!


Just getting started today. Wish I’d found this a year ago when I first got started in crypto rather than trusting too much in random youtubers. Missed out getting into bitcoin in 2013, and been trying too hard to make up for it since. Looking forward to the journey…


Same boat my friend, let’s do this!


Word. Your nickname makes me wonder and happy. I see you started B90X and it’s amazing journey.

I’m on day 47✅

Good luck, it’s amazing ride, stay on the course.


We creating a lifetime of discipline. Take it day by day. The long grind is where we at


Sir grind is the key💯 but, we human beings are different, and everyone need different approach.

Like you said in today’s B90X. Design Blockchain life must be designed and craft but we all people have different shape.

Some of us need everlasting Love, believe and encouragement like I have on discord with best of the best. @Dustin_Matthews @delirium_igniter @Nynjah


Read the white paper. I understood some of it as I am not a computer science guy. I had to read it twice to get most of it and its such a well written paper. I’m appreciating bitcoin a lot more in depth.


I’ve been cost averaging for nearly a year. I’ve made it this far without cashing out and I’ve held on tight. This program should be a breeze.


The White paper makes much more sense now than when I read it six months ago. Shitoshi was a genius. Amazing that all this crypto universe started from that one white paper idea.


Yoo. Great decision my friend. Take each day, one lesson. Good luck. B90X is amazing!


We need this innovation to keep the middle class stable. Otherwise it’s pretty hard for mass adaption, because it’s hard to interpret clearly. This system kicks out the third party client without manipulate the transaction system by attackers.


Yoo. @Khiro great decision. Good luck. Be patient, B90X program is the best. Have a great day my friend.


I’m in! The white paper is the fundamental building blocks of cryptocurrencies written in 9 pages. Incredible. I’m very excited to move forward with this!


Stay the course! It’s worth it!


Absolutely! No turning back .


zatoshis white paper just made me realize that bit coin is very secured in its transaction ledgers (blocks) that its close to 100% bullet proof with a slight chance of being attacked but even if it does the attaker will turn into an honest node in the end :call_me_hand:


Im ready to step up!


Reading the whitepaper for the first time actually helped me to understand the process of the transactions, what a block is and how it is formed. The math was way beyond my understanding, but it looked right LOL