#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



Reading the whitepaper for the first time actually helped me to understand the process of the transactions, what a block is and how it is formed. The math was way beyond my understanding, but it looked right LOL


may the 90days begin


Truly a game changer technology. :astonished:

but I still cannot thoroughly grasp, how does this exactly correlate with the ebbs and flows of the market ?!!

one more thing. With Ether being the 2nd cryptocurrency market leader, how does its consensus mechanism (PoS) compare to bitcoin’s (PoW)?

Speaking of double-spending prevention, I have recently read about Lightning Bitcoin(LBTC), which unlike BTC, is DPoS-based fork of bitcoin.

What are your thoughts on that? :thinking:


I did not read the white paper, I listened to it. Technical and dry. Fighting to stay awake. From what I had gleaned from others explaining the basics and actually listening to it…it is a true marvel. Decentralization and blockchain are mind-blowing. I can only imagine the rage of those in power who are loosing there control of others finances. I heard talk of bitcoin years ago and thought it should be something to look into, but did not. My self education on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies only started 3 weeks ago, I truly understand that this is the future now. I have made my decision to be active in cryptos. I want to go to the moon


First time I binged the videos. Re-going through the B90x program because there’s a LOT of knowledge.

  1. Already Signed up
  2. Read the white paper, its crazy simplistic vs other white papers I have now read being in the space.
  3. Want the wife(finally got her to watch some basic blockchain videos), Family and friends to get on board because we are doing this.

If you want the moon, You gotta think about and be the MOON.


Been a pub member for a few months, just now got around to the B90X. My wife is who I would want on board - she knows about crypto, but can’t seem to motivate her, especially in this bear market. NO BULLS?!

Me on the other hand, very pumped and thrilled to be finally partaking in the B90X! One of the interesting things I noticed when reading the whitepaper was how simplistic it was, such as many others have already suggested. No color, black and white. No timeline, no promises, no breakdowns. Bitcoin is definitely not free of any flaws - with the last bull run, we have seen and experienced the high and slow transaction times. Although I couldn’t have predicted some of the flaws by reading the whitepaper, they are present and I am now aware from past experience.

Nonetheless, a great and MUST read for anyone new or maybe like myself who has been around for about a year and just now getting around to reading the 9 page whitepaper…Maybe if I knew how easy and interesting of a read it was going to be, I would have read it much sooner.


Time to do this again; but this time, convey self discipline and commitment with consistency.

Nostalgia sets in hard reading back through previous posts to the B90X program, but on reflection; I failed to fully commit and this is evident when i look back to where i stopped utilising this framework. Nearly a year ago!

So instead of picking up where i started, i will start afresh, for picking up where i started leads to behaviors and traits that are to be improved upon.

So, the white paper; simply put, is a revolution in this digital era of ethical coding that not only seeks to be free of financial and institutional coercion and oppression, but demonstrates that cryptography and algorithmic coding can reflect as best as possible, the very ethos of a honest principle.

This is conveyed by many factors, but to be concise; 6 confirmations, public ledger, node signalling, hash, public/private keys; and an irreversible and untouchable catalog of transactions that confirm to a set of rules that underpin equality, whether FIAT is applied or not.

m00n goals have a constant theme for me, and this is financial freedom and security for my family;

much love


Good on you for fully committing and pushing through on your 2nd time. I am doing the same thing. Lets own it!


Cheers bro, it’s time to kill it and apply lessons learned to just crush it lol. Self reflection is key


Let’s begin!

Bitcoin is the Network!


Day 181 Bitcoin has solved the double spending issue forever. Yoooooooooo :rocket::rocket::rocket: R.I.P. 40+ fruad department employees.


B90x round 2 y’all!!! Something I thought of while listening to the video is the BTC is unsanctionable so as more people adopt the less government’s, mostly 'merica, moves to hurt regimes will actually affect the people, whom it is sanctions actually hurt not those in power.
I’d like to get my girl in on crypto, she’s been sportive of me doing it but hasn’t taken the plunge herself. I have been successful in getting some family members in and some have been more resistant.


Also I can’t wait to instead of rereading the white paper listen to John read it to me.
Maybe do it while meditating or after tennis match TaiChi. Thoughts?


After tennis :slight_smile: or on your way in or out.


Just finished day 1 again. I’m happy to start another round of B90X.

This time I listened to John reading the whitepaper for me. Thank you @john :v:

Good luck on everybody who also just started (again)!!!:muscle::muscle:


B90x day 1.2
When I read the white paper, what really comes to mind other than taking out the middleman, is the fact that Honesty is enforced. Trust is no longer an issue.
I see how blockchain is going to change the world and I know there’s a whole boatload of thing I haven’t seen yet. But the world is going to change dramatically because of this brand new technology.


Bitcoin is a trust less system, it also allows me to have full entitlement of my money
My Key My Money
Not My Key Not My Money


My money is my money, no one should have to give me permission to spend it or allow me to spend it. Why should anyone have to ask permission from another to spend or save their money? Brick and mortar banks are top of the food chain at the moment , but life has always been and will always be ‘’ Survival of the fittest "


definitely after. Used the drive to keep up on the dctv new clips. Going to be sometime tonight after I get some work done and smash day two.


Yoo I can imagine that. I was watching news bits in so many different places, doing all kinds of things.

There is many of as crazy ones. lol :slight_smile: