#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



Day one is in the books! I think one of the most important parts of Bitcoin and Blockchain is that it is decentralized. I don’t think knowing who Satoshi is, is that important because what was made now has wings of it’s own!

Thanks Bitcoin Pub!! See you on day two!


New intro posted, white paper read! Well listened to lol, thanks for that @john


  1. Check.
  2. Read and listened. Certainly have to do it again
  3. Check.


I love how this thread is still alive thanks to new members who keep coming on and on.

Even though I’ve known BTC for more than a couple of years now, I decided to take on the B90X program…see you could be very savvy on a matter but you can always learn one or two things you didn’t notice before plus a lot of nice topics are discussed on the program.

So it is like the third time I read the white paper, all I can say is that it’s pretty self explanatory for somebody who’s absolutely new to crypto currency and as for me I can say it motivates me to learn more math and cryptography. We shall not forget that privacy should not only be taken into account for trading and spending money and goods, but also for our daily lives we must protect our right to privacy that for so long and so much it has been unfulfilled by large corporations and governments that do nothing but invade our private lives and steal information from us to then bombard society with Ads and propaganda…

So, this is the beginning. Score for all of us who want a REAL FREE world.

Have yourselves an awesome weekend guys!


Yep, so true! Learning something new each time…


Starting to learn what the hubby is so passionate about these days.


Oh, I think I know who you are :wink: William’s wife? We love your husband very much!

So yeah B90X good luck @MommaBear


You have always been someone to kick ass. You’re the tiger mom in the house. The kids are doing great now it’s time for you to do great.


I still remember when you started the B90X. After a year i’m going to start all over again and see what i have learned so far.


Should have posted this yesterday but I have added #B90X into my daily routine.

Reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper gave me more ideas on how the technology can be used for other purposes however I’m still unsure how Bitcoin and others alt coins stop from having hostile attacks taking the 51% with large mining farms in other countries. How does the crypto community safeguard against such attacks?


We continue to grow retail mining! Thats the ticket!
Keep going!


Im in it! 111%!

This is the path I’m taking. I am going to win.


Note: Originally posted in the Forum under Beginners & Help on 16 Jun 18. Why? Because I’m a technical doofus and did not know to post it to B90X.

My first post to y’all from L.A.
Hello Cryptonation…… Frank R. spotting my first post to y’all from L.A. – that’s Lower Alabama, southeast corner of the state in a town called Dothan, population ~ 60k.
Dipped my toe into BTC as my first crypto in Nov 2017. Each day radio host Glenn Beck and others were commenting on the rise of BTC. I started reading everything on cryptos and bought in during the NOV-DEC FOMO pump. (If I only knew then what I know now….ahem, but that’s another story).
Why did I get into cryptos? I heard/read articles proclaiming BTC and altcoins the money of the future. I think governments would be happy if they could get out of the minting business because of the recurring expense—first get rid of copper pennies, then all other coins, then paper money. It makes sense to digitize our currency.
Of course we know there are negative issues in an all digitized currency, in general: security, fraud, government interference, etc. When I heard of a distributed ledger system with encryption, it made sense to me and I bought my first crypto coin.
My “to the moon” goals have bet to do a buy in, let it double, remove my stake and play with the house’s money. So far that plan hasn’t worked at all. NEW PLAN is to start $ cost average like Peter. I will play the four main currencies (60%) and play the rest in altcoins (40%).
Yesterday I was surfing sites for info on altcoin ICON because I’d never heard of it and my search lead me to Crypto Pub. I laughed out loud when I saw the guy below…….said he is waiting for his ICON to go to the moon.

I’m excited about all the wise counsel that I am going to receive from those on Crypto Pub, advice from those who have “been there, done that” and at the same time avoiding the crypto hype from the talking heads.
Day 1 - Working on a ticket to ride…:bitrocket::waning_gibbous_moon:


I’ll start this today… quite late I guess but hey, better late than never. I like the concept of continuous improvement. I like fintech, bitcoin ad DCTV. Satoshi is my hero.


Just finished 10 days of Bitcoin course and adding this #B90X to my daily routine. Wohooo so excited! Thank you Pete & John.
Satoshi Nakamoto’s breakthrough has worldwide repercussion as creating trustless network solves the old Byzatine General Problem. Of course, we all can spot that the original paper has some flaws. However, it is fully available to public so it can be optimized further with the aim of mass adoption and implications in various industries. Bitcoin might not have universal use, but I think that was not a purpose. It is not convenient to pay for your coffee with Bitcoin but it is worth to buy, lets say a car, house with it. In the end, that’s why other altcoins/projects are also created. Still being novice in this area though so will go back to learning now :slight_smile:


For me the main focus of the white paper was how important it is to keep the network decentralized. Without decentralization Bitcoin will not be trust less and therefore not secure.

Not your keys, not your Bitcoin


I love the white pape and i’m committed to the process and that i will finish the 90 Day Challenge!:man_student:


The hacking part was very interesting… :beers: to another 90 day experiment.


Boom :boom: let’s do this!


Round 3! B90X Day 1! Welcome to the show! Looking forward to all the green beans getting their B90X on! Here we go!