#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



3rd round! Amazing! Good luck and let’s get it!


Lets do this again!!!


4th round to complete B90X year tour. Let’s do this !


Starting 3rd tour of B90x. Damn, trila you’re crushing it, tour 4 already.


B90X newbie day 1 and round 1… Pray for me universe


my second time around!! B90 X was a life changing course for me… 2nd round lets go!!


I’m in,

At some points the white paper can be a dry read so I left that to John in the Youtube video, I read along. I had some insight into how block chain technology is supposed to work theoretically so most of it didn’t come as a surprise. I just really enjoy the non 3rd party transfers, extra fees for no reason bothers me.


Absolutely great info between the wife and kids following and applying the principles learned here diversification of reternment fund will Bebe en more solid than before…


great decision TataGBear.
join us on, last chance


I joined Thebitcoin.pub and tried to get involved in the B90X plan, “ultimate guide to Bitcoin, and the forum, but everything FAILED! . I setup an account and got it verified through my email. I then tried to access the B90X plan which had me go through the 10 steps of THE ULTIMATE BITCOIN GUIDE first. Every link but the link to a spreadsheet and this YouTube channel was bad - not able to view any video on youtube, just a black screen! I tried to go through the B90X series itself but I could find no link that would get me to day 1 or any other day! I tried sending a message to Pete, I believe, the administrator or I guess, but that was a robot and communication didn’t make any sense! . The next day I tried again and found my entire account was cancelled! Soooo… I created a new account and STILL don’t see where to get started with B90X or THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BITCOIN! . So WASSUP with TheBitcoin.pub ??? !!! ???

Bittorent Lessons for crypto (4 part series)

hi @MoeCrypto I’ve moved your question over to the very first episode of B90X, this is a great place to start your bitcoin journey. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


Can you send me a link to that dead link?


At this point you’re gonna have to send me the link that goes to the actual B90X course… I don’t remember how I got there and can’t get there now.

When I got there before it recommended I do THE ULTIMATE BITCOIN GUIDE. That page is where ALL the links were bad when I tried to access them on my iPad - except for the spreadsheet and the video.

On my iPhone I couldn’t get B90X or THE ULTIMATE BITCOIN GUIDE pages to open.


Well, here we go, completed 10 days of bitcoin and now I begin b90x!!!

So after reading the whitepaper, I actually thought it would be longer but off course a few parts I’m not fully understanding but will re-read it again soon. Like with most movies, you pick up something new every time. This will be a fun journey!!!

Thanks for having me!!!


Gotta start somewhere! Stay the course!


Do you guys reply to email or what?


Have you tried hello@yen.io my friend?


Let’s do this…