#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin


Can you send me a link to that dead link?

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At this point you’re gonna have to send me the link that goes to the actual B90X course… I don’t remember how I got there and can’t get there now.

When I got there before it recommended I do THE ULTIMATE BITCOIN GUIDE. That page is where ALL the links were bad when I tried to access them on my iPad - except for the spreadsheet and the video.

On my iPhone I couldn’t get B90X or THE ULTIMATE BITCOIN GUIDE pages to open.



Well, here we go, completed 10 days of bitcoin and now I begin b90x!!!

So after reading the whitepaper, I actually thought it would be longer but off course a few parts I’m not fully understanding but will re-read it again soon. Like with most movies, you pick up something new every time. This will be a fun journey!!!

Thanks for having me!!!



Gotta start somewhere! Stay the course!



Do you guys reply to email or what?



Excited to be here, I’ve been working as an analyst for the past 2 years at a software house for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Reading a Whitepaper is what I do once a week and Satoshi’s is no stranger, the thing I come back to again and again is the fact that Bitcoin was built out of one person or a group of people’s paranoia of centralization.