#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin

Make sure you download the Spreadsheet to Track Your Progress!

I’m glad you’re here! No time to waste, let’s begin.

When I say begin, we really have to start at the beginning.

  1. Sign up for http://thebitcoin.pub - If you’re really ready to jump in, make sure you’ve done our 10-step program to getting into Bitcoin.

  2. Read [[Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper] - Respond to this post publicly letting the community know that you’re committed to the process and that you’ll finish the 90 Day Challenge! This helps keep you accountable and encouraged! Also, let us know what you learned!

  3. Begin thinking about who you’d like to invite to our spaceship! Help them get on board!:rocket:

[NEW HERE?] - That’s ok. The #B90X program is a self-led program. If you’ve just heard about it no worries, you can start at any time. No rush. Go through each video day by day. Don’t skip ahead. Meditate on each assignment and let it sink in.

Remember, we’re trying to create a disciplined lifestyle OVER time and this is a long challenge. The daily assignments are not hard (nor should they be) but it’s tough to do anything for 90 days straight! Our goal is to help you build a new financial lifestyle and that’ll take time. So commit to the process as there’s no need to rush! 90 days? That’s just the beginning!


Use this checklist by @Jake_Sumner to track your progress!



nice work!! this is slick!


Jo Im happy to be in… I just learned that the CPU-power will go up over time so the energy-consumtion to generate BTC and later just to keep up the transactions will cost alot alot of energy…
So i´m interested in BTC but as well as in better “solutions” with other alt-coins.
See you in the next day, now lets move into 10-steps Program:D TY


90 days lets get those GAINS! But first KBBQ post B90X meal.


I’m in! Looking through the whitepaper, its interesting to see that he openly addressed how it would be more valuable for would-be attackers to simply play by the rules if they have more power than the rest of the community, since they would have the most coins.

Lets go to the moooooon!


@peter was that 315 ? :muscle:


I’m in. Out of professional interest as a technology enhanced learning dev as much as a crypto enthusiast. I wonder whether this ‘subject’ has been taught before. Self-directed asynchronous open and free. We’ve got ourselves a Connectivist Crypto-MOOC.


Just signed up to the pub from England and I don’t even drink! B90X… I’m in :grinning:


Yooo, audio is out of sync with video…


Never realized it could be so simplified. the Bitcoin whitepaper on 9 pages, wauw.
As most of the content is a bit too technical for me ( i will need to read it a couple of times ) Its such a logical and impressive step forward to have not need to thrust eachother anymore, but merely keep to the facts. Facts being timestamps and proof of work. Wauw, really interesting!


I’m in! After reading the white paper I’ve learned that I should have paid more attention in my calculus classes back in the day. Digital currencies are the obvious next logical step in economic development though, I’m looking forward to seeing where this all goes! :fist:t4:


Homework is done, YO! I’ve been told to read the white paper before. I’ve assembled the majority of it’s message from osmosis these past two years. I never realized just how simple it really is.

It’s simple enough to be HUGE. Much much bigger than it is today! Going to convert some ETH and buy my 1 BTC ticket to the moon today (who knows maybe more?).


The ideas proposed in the whitepaper were groundbreaking. But still the high volatility of cryptos just looking at the last months for example will always be seen critical by some and has hindered mass adaption and integration. And when I talk to some business people - especially in the banking and insurance sector - they are still questioning the added values of cryptocurrencys compared to “conventional” economics. Of course imputing honest motifs… But some of them already got they’re Bitcoins stacked away safely…


I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m not technically gifted enough to understand everything in the white paper (I had to Google a few terms…‘Binomial Random Walk’ was one!) BUT I did learn to a better extent WHY BTC transactions are higher than other ALT coins and that eventually they might be free!
What I love about this paper is the depth of thought that has gone into the protection of others. A naive person might have developed a similar system without thoroughly delving into the concept of attackers. I LOVE the overarching idea that honesty will win over corruption in most cases and that there are things that will work together to enforce this…even if it is cold, hard technology.
Blockchain technology is absolutely fascinating to me from this point of view and really inspires me to read up on things that, until now, I’ve felt completely removed from.



This is my second time reading it, so it makes even more sense than it did the first time mere days after buying my first BTC.

Miners are incentivized by adding a special transaction to the block to give them a payout in bitcoins. As time goes on, that reward diminishes to nothing (i.e. we stop minting bitcoins), so to keep incentives to mine going, the concept of a transaction fee can be collected by the miner which is just the difference between the input amount and the output amount of the block that is mined.



I was shocked to see just how short and sweet the white paper is. Brilliant.


You’re from England and you don’t drink? I don’t believe you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m in :slight_smile: I study crypto 4-5 hours every evening


Cool thing is that there is no point to be a malicious node, so there is no place for scammers on the moon !

Author of the paper uses Pascal case for function naming :slight_smile:

They mention “we” vs “I” - looks like Satoshi wasn’t alone working on this

The paper is revolutionary, glad I’ve finally read it from start to end


Very excited to start at the very beginning of this adventure and do things correctly from the start. A wonderful feature of BITCOIN? HONESTY will pay off! Love it!

For new folks, Ben Yu wrote an article CRYPTOCURRENCY 101. A very long treatise that is delicious to read. I tried to download it here but alas my skills are nil to do that.


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