#b90x - DAY 10 - The Discipline of Rest



Sometimes I have to eat my own dogfood.
Sometimes I have to sit back and consider whether I’m truly living the lifestyle that I want.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I need to rest.

Today, day 10 of the Bitcoin 90 Day Challenge, I challenge you to rest.
Enjoy the day, enjoy your family, enjoy going outside, enjoy curling up with a good book, or play some games.

It is more than just rest, however.
It’s the discipline of rest.
Knowing that you want to go for the long game, one must have enough internal discipline to rest.

How will you be spending your rest, today?

May 5, 2018 ROLL CALL

You know what I’m doing?
I’m eating Korean BBQ and playing with the little doges!


I spent all day in a coffee shop watching the livestream!


Many many times, this aspect of growth is undervalued. Being in management, I see employees all the time that push and push in order to “climb the ladder” or to impress. This is also something I personally struggle with. I’m not saying that one shouldn’t push and work hard, but there is a delicate balance that you have to maintain. Because, if you aren’t there for the 4th quarter, why even play the 1st 3?


I spent my day traveling to a city up North 1 hour from home by car. Booked a hotel, did some shopping with the mrs, had a nice dinner and just relaxed in hotel room (of course checking out crypto also :slight_smile: ).


I’ll be taking a short nap today and watching an episode of GOT


(I took the Day NOT to go into work & enjoy the livestream) {and moderate through it} Brainstorming this afternoon and some Volunteerism this evening: Deserts for a local Non-Profit Life Recovery Program fund raising event with a National Comedian. :clown_face:

Volunteering is Soooo Much Fun! :tada::balloon::two_hearts:because

It’s a “GET TO” Not a “Got To”!!! :cowboy_hat_face:


I will rest in a few days, but I think rest is a big thing that is needed just as much as the grind.


Watching the latest video, signing up for the patron after, lifting some weights and then working on my concept art and creating ideas for marketing my biz. Maybe some game time in between one of those.

Not a bad day. :+1:


Took my little doge to his first soccer meet.


I got a nice workout in, some good food and some games with friends :slight_smile:


I taught some guitar lessons this morning, and now I am chilling at home with my pup. Going to take her out for her second hike ever later this evening.


I’m resting today. dang. so much work!


I actually did rest pretty much all day. Thanks for the permission to do that.


Rest as Needed - Learning this lesson myself! :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you! :hugs: for all your hard work @john Soooo Appreciated! :cowboy_hat_face:


Gone fishing :slight_smile: Had a great catch too, sooo much winning… just not in NEO :frowning:


Went to training today and then destroyed some thai food afterwards to recover :joy:


I was out for dinner and drinks to celebrate the birthday of my mother in law :grinning:

The rest of the year I plan to go hard, but will take 1-2 weeks off in January.
And every week I will do something nice in the weekend with family or friends.

Further it is important to have good sleeping habbits. I can still optimize a bit there.
And during the day after a block of deep work take a little rest to recover with food, relaxation, meditation.
I try to reach flow state during work for max efficiency and enjoyment. For this it’s important to recover in between. I have steps to make in this process but I know where I’m facing :wink:


watching movies with my family