#b90x - DAY 10 - The Discipline of Rest



I really need a rest. I started B90X 21 days ago. I’ve managed to get up the day 42. With all the other things in life going on I need a breather. So today I’m just going to spend a little time with my family, relax to a little, watch the decentralized TV, nothing important, nothing that’s going to change my universe.
I’m sure I’ll feel guilty tomorrow and grind it extra hard.


I didn’t rest today maybe tomorrow ( just bein honest ) :grimacing:


I just started making videos so I spent my day of rest making a new video! I’d be thrilled if you watched it!

I’d be even more thrilled if you like, comment and subscribed!


It was a grinding week, we had a three day yard sale to make money and then it was a festival in town on Sunday. Then I cleaned out a house to get more items for Ebay. I finally hit the wall today and then I realized that I need to schedule rest. In addition, my in-laws were in town too.


Not sure if this counts as a day of rest but I’m sitting in the hospital with my husband after his surgery and reading. :wink:


Thank you
Grinding every day can take its toll
But we can’t help others if we do not sustain ourselves.
Much love mi bruuhaas


Hope he heals quick!


Thank you. He is improving however we have a long journey still to go. :grinning:


I will be preparing the day to go and spend the rest of this week and start of next week with my dying brother.


I’m going to catch lobsters tomorrow and eat those till I can’t eat anymore with mimosa’s on Sunday. Cheers everyone


I’d go golfing but it is raining.


This was time well spent, regretfully lost him on Monday the 1st.



Sunday is my only day off from work falls on right day for rest. Preparing ammunition for more action.


Sunday fun day. Got to do some meal prepping for the week. The rest of the day will be rest! I think I need it.


I try to bake in a little bit of rest time into each day. This is not always possible, but I feel that it helps,


okay, for today. I’m happy, that comming back from work after late shift I did so much!
Can’t wait for tomorrow and weekend!

I’m gonna crush it!


Good day for a rest, The markets are falling fast :slight_smile:


Since this has been my #b90x 2018 Turkey Week Marathon I’ll share my get close to the family break. Wanting to not waste money and still eat good I did a little homework and cooked a Japanese dinner. I made sushi rolls, tonkatsu, and shrimp and veggie tempura. It was my first time prepping and cooking. Not bad for a Chicano, but the wife my son home from college, his girlfriend, and my youngest who 15 and plays centre on the bb team. I gave the wife a break. I got to feed my family. We sat and chatted a bit. I shared a Sapporo with my eldest. I don’t spend a lot of time with my kids, so this was special. This week has been special. And I’ve gotten some good rest this past holiday.


Okay, just a little bit of rest!