#b90x - DAY 10 - The Discipline of Rest



One of the reasons I am glad that I have been a bodybuilder is that I learned the importance of rest days. The same is applicable to your mind and spirit, and being a Christian, it is easy to make Sunday my day of rest for all things. Rest your doges too.


Again, sorry guys, I have been a bit behind as I have worked from Thursday to Sunday due to staff shortage. 15 hour shifts consecutively, I didn’t have to, but I thought, it would only impact upon my patient group so it was a no-brainer. There has been no rest for me so far, but when I think about it, there is no rest for so many people, especially the people i come into contact with.

The patients I manage have no rest; they are constantly reminded of the constraints and mental and physiological pain and hurdles on an hourly basis from which they suffer. So i gain rest and peace, through knowing I have tried my hardest to give them what they so greatly deserve.

Now is the time for me to rest knowing the floor is covered tomorrow, and I can have a day off, and reflect on the last four days. I know my time to rest has been earned, but that does not mean I will waste my time away!

Much love my brothers, sisters, pet animals and crypto hunters!


Spent my day of rest remodeling a home to sell, lol. Working hard so hopefully can afford to rest in few years but i need to take more time to enjoy life along the way. One of my main motivators behind crypto investing :rocket:


Educating myself :slight_smile: and put off another weekend to get back into running/treadmill :frowning:


This is almost spooky. I was off doing something relaxing all day and didn’t even take the time to check in with B90X. Then today (the next day) I go to catch up and find you told me to do exactly what I had already done.



Took my dog for a walk…watching a couple b-90x videos and now it’s nap time!


I took a couple days off to think over B90X Day 9, spent some time gaming online with friends (talked to them about crypto :stuck_out_tongue:), watched a documentary on Netflix about the science of why food tastes good or bad to us (Food: Delicious Science), took my dog on some long walks and got plenty of sleep.


Good, we’ll need more rest as the grind gets harder! To the moon!


I might go climb a mountain for resting this week.


Excellent choice good sir.


Slept in today. After meditation, started writing another poetic course for the Meditation Meal. Appetizer of Awareness and Perception Pie are done. Today was Stillness Stew:
" The incredible Ingredients emminate from the inexhaustible illumination of eternity.
Stars are carved into Slices of sunshine and the space between suns has been chopped into into quantum cubes of clarity.
The essence of existence itself is minced into a meatless marvelousness, inviting your imagination to move into the infinite." more to come.


I’m going to play guitar, juggle, go for a walk and catch up on some sleep.
This challenge is much needed, thanks Peter.


Good Day! I’m going to be in school for rest day…Enjoy Day 10 everyone!


Rest!? I’ll get plenty of rest when I’m… On the Moon! I’ve been getting enough (well deserved) rest lately, but will soon change. Eager to get back to college next week, I’ve been off for a whole month! I did stay busy, also did a lot of review and prep work for the coming semester while I was watching/listening to Decentralized TV!


Hey hey! Get at it! To the moon!


I chose to rest with a nice little game night, a little juice pong with the my babies.


Always worth! :sleeping:


Ah, Friday. I think i will take my day of crypto rest on… Sunday, can’t think of any news coming out then.

Too much going on, plus i have to put in my $100 ICX dollar cost averaging.


I’ve grown to check the crypto charts every time I unlock my phone. What have I become?!?!?
I agree to this rest thing truly. Good way to relax the mind and body. I started to take my day off of crypto right after a DCA. Feels great!


Watch a few movies with my roommate & read a book…and UFC TONIGHT !