#b90x - DAY 10 - The Discipline of Rest



Started tidying my garage so I have space to work out. Took children to woods till one fell in a pond, then went to the park

Back to work tomorrow…

  Missed a few days but they were days of rest. MUCH NEEDED!


Playing Wolfenstein 2.


What. OMG. So much nerding out!


I didn’t expect this. But I’m all for resting today. Thanks. Happy day to everybody.


It’s honestly restful for me to learn more about crypto :joy: so Il’l be doing that lol


This is what I need to do… rest!


Spent my rest day sleeping in until noon :scream: I have rehearsal tonight, so no getting around that. But rested a lot this weekend. I have a 6am flight out of LAX tomorrow, so I had to stock up on that sleep haha. Doing some laundry, dishes, and hanging up photos around my house. Tidying up my environment. Good for my well being :slight_smile: and watching a few episodes of Black Mirror.


Good luck! Winning! Let us know how it goes!


lol Peter I just watched this after I had finished watching one of your old videos on the strategy behind DCA and MACD so I definitely need to take your advice now and just go rest :joy: Been a long day at work, time to curl up in bed, give my mind a rest from Crypto and just do something totally unrelated and then freshen up for Day 11 tomorrow.

Thanks for the great advice Dogelord :fist:t3:


This is one of the hardest ones for me to do.
I admit it. It’s very hard.


This is hard for me. I steadily feel like I’m not doing enough despite working 60+ hours a week. I was going to go in to work today for a couple of hours to get some extra work knocked out but my fiance made me stay home, so I grinned when I saw today’s topic.


She’s knows what’s up.


I rested up all weekend. Ready to go!


It’s very fitting that the market has tanked quite a lot today, the very day that I get to this lesson. Nothing to worry about, just keep calm and unplug for the day. I’m going to be making my own energy bars and spend some extra time with the wife.


How will you be spending your rest, today?

I’m going to spend my time getting food and beers with a friend I’ve been losing touch with. Gotta keep the positive people around me!

Cheers boys!


Well well, I like this. Planing on playing some basketball today… its been ages. I will pick my kids from school spend some quality time with them, later have an eat out with my wife. Will also call my parents and siblings to catch up, this to me are people that matter… That’s pretty much it. Thanks.


Resting today but of course have to put in that DCA $100 for IOTA & ICX before that.


Now is the time. Sales!


Looks like I’ll be taking some much needed snooze. 4-5 hours of sleep last little while.

Darcy C