#b90x - DAY 10 - The Discipline of Rest



I spend my rest day at the pool. Had some friends over and annoyed them with talks of going to the Moon!


It’s Tuesday so there will not be much rest. I will try to go to bed earlier today than normal. I use my fitbit for tracking…I try to get 7 hours of sleep a night but that rarely happens.


The Imitation Game sure is a good one!


This is the one that’s going to be extra tough for me. with all the things that should be done have to be done needs to be done must be done if I take a moment to actually rest… I feel guilty. I think the problem is my intention and conviction is so high on this project that pausing a moment makes me feel like I’m going to be falling behind. and then there are all the other things that have to be done in addition to this project. oh crap. This Friday after work I will make it a point to get drunk with my wife play with my kids (maybe not in that order) and sleep in on Saturday. For me sleeping in is about 5: 30 A. M.


Going to relax today, ignore crypto and use the brain power elsewhere. Going to own it at work today, get home, finish packing and then have some whiskey to enjoy it all. Tomorrow, we are grinding.


It definitely takes discipline to get adequate rest in today’s fast paced society :+1:


Somedays I feel like Edward Norton in fight club. Standing in front of the copier. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy…

As easy as this day seems. It’s probably one of the hardest to implement for me. I average between 4-5 hours of sleep a day. most days are go from 345am till 11pm. I try not to sit down because I will just fall asleep.

I know its not a good thing, it can’t last forever. I am hoping to be in a position in a few years to not do this.


Alpha class starts this week so many skills need to learn with the software programs can’t rest. :tired_face:


Rest is for those who grind!
No rest for me!


Well I will have a sort of forced rest day. Have about a 7 hour drive home at some point today, whenever we finish washing the sheets and towels at the house we stayed at.

@kimchi preach that, I sometimes feel like my grind is weak, especially compared to a lot of our pub mates.
Then my girlfriend says when you getting off that damn computer, or take a look at my friends whom do that 9-5 and nothing extra, just getting by as a slave and hating it but not trying to change the real problem. That’s when I realize I may not be grinding like my peers here yet, but I’m facing where I need to be going.


Going to have a relaxing night with my wife and cats. Love a lazy evening after a few weeks of hard work. :popcorn::beers:


I feel Ya Frederick! Whatever’s going around Us, good or bad, It’s our mandatory to stand in the truth about ourselves and our actions!

the truth will conquer all


i spent my time doodling around with photoshop making stuff


Spent my day 10 exercising, eating and generally enjoying life.


I really need a rest. I started B90X 21 days ago. I’ve managed to get up the day 42. With all the other things in life going on I need a breather. So today I’m just going to spend a little time with my family, relax to a little, watch the decentralized TV, nothing important, nothing that’s going to change my universe.
I’m sure I’ll feel guilty tomorrow and grind it extra hard.


I didn’t rest today maybe tomorrow ( just bein honest ) :grimacing:


I just started making videos so I spent my day of rest making a new video! I’d be thrilled if you watched it!

I’d be even more thrilled if you like, comment and subscribed!


It was a grinding week, we had a three day yard sale to make money and then it was a festival in town on Sunday. Then I cleaned out a house to get more items for Ebay. I finally hit the wall today and then I realized that I need to schedule rest. In addition, my in-laws were in town too.


Not sure if this counts as a day of rest but I’m sitting in the hospital with my husband after his surgery and reading. :wink:


Thank you
Grinding every day can take its toll
But we can’t help others if we do not sustain ourselves.
Much love mi bruuhaas