#b90x - DAY 10 - The Discipline of Rest



I spend my rest day at the pool. Had some friends over and annoyed them with talks of going to the Moon!


It’s Tuesday so there will not be much rest. I will try to go to bed earlier today than normal. I use my fitbit for tracking…I try to get 7 hours of sleep a night but that rarely happens.


The Imitation Game sure is a good one!


This is the one that’s going to be extra tough for me. with all the things that should be done have to be done needs to be done must be done if I take a moment to actually rest… I feel guilty. I think the problem is my intention and conviction is so high on this project that pausing a moment makes me feel like I’m going to be falling behind. and then there are all the other things that have to be done in addition to this project. oh crap. This Friday after work I will make it a point to get drunk with my wife play with my kids (maybe not in that order) and sleep in on Saturday. For me sleeping in is about 5: 30 A. M.


Going to relax today, ignore crypto and use the brain power elsewhere. Going to own it at work today, get home, finish packing and then have some whiskey to enjoy it all. Tomorrow, we are grinding.