#b90x - DAY 11 - Timebox all Things!



I personally have a hard time with timeboxing. I’ve tried numerous ways to timebox, but to-date, about the best I can do is what I call “goalboxing” (I’m trademarking that!). Basically it works like this:

At the beginning of the week, set must-achieve goals that will roughly take half the hours available for the week. In addition to these goals, set goals that would be nice to achieve that fills up the rest of the hours of the week. These are goals, that if achieved, will make an outstanding week all-in-all. And third, set stretch goals. These are generally tackled either at the end of the days of the week, or pile up to be attacked with any left over time at the end of the week.

Communicate the must-achieve goals with the clients and lock them in. Delegate to the team. Get to cracking. Thursday morning, review and decide what to do about any outstanding goals, esp. the “must achieve goals” if they’re not knocked out, yet.

I find that weekly goal setting works far better than daily timeboxing, especially when you’re building a team around you as I do with remote developers and virtual assistants engaged as needed from fiverr.com or upwork.com.



Had never heard of this before, going to give it a try


Yo Yo you crpytonaughts it is good be back! Man i have missed you guys, but damn @peter, I have got some work to catch up on!

So timeboxing! I love this. I have found with the line of work I do, delegation and time management is fundamental otherwise things simply do not get done, and quite often, leads into a snowball effect with increasing pressure and often ‘corners-cut’ to compensate for the deficit.

I have learned over the years, and more recently, that it is good to allocate time to particular tasks when working, but the most fundamental principle is, to HAVE A CONTINGENCY. Life is not linear, and quite often when i allocate perceived time to a job, i am pulled into many directions which accumulates ‘latency’. However; I always counter this factor in to my work schedule, with a breakdown of tasks through prioritisation, ad-hoc importance, appropriateness of delegating or handing over uncompleted tasks but most importantly, not rushing through my remit to full every task as this has always led to mistakes!


Hi CryptoNation,

My today schedule:

  • from 7:30 till 9:30 in the gym (1,5 gym and 30 min swimming pool)
  • be at 10:30 in the office (30 min to estimate all the tasks from JIRA)
  • 13:30 I will be at home having lunch with my girl
  • 17:00 daily call with the customer
  • 19:30 on my way to home
  • from 20:00 till 22:00 spend time in reading (Xamarin.Forms for certification and “The Plutocrats…”
  • from 22:00 till 23:00 I will grab all the data to take a look into my crypto portfolio.
  • from 00:00 watch your new video and go to sleep)
    That’s all)

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


This reminds me of my time in the military. At first I remember thinking… How are they going to train me to be a badass Marine in only 3 months of boot camp? I didn’t really think of it back then but it was all timeboxed. Sleeping, exercising, studying, weapon training, weapon cleaning, shining my boots, ironing my uniforms, making my bed, marching, showers, eating, EVERYTHING. Of course… in a sense, it was easy because there were no outside distractions and I had someone riding my ass nonstop. This continued for the rest of my time in the military as a helicopter mechanic, I probably accomplished and experienced more in those 5 years than many do in a lifetime. Since getting out of the military I still loosely timebox things but I could definitely be more strict with with it day to day. I’m going to layout my daily activities in Google Sheets to do some experimenting.


Keep on experimenting my man. Day by day.


Mmm timeboxing.
I will give this a go re my work life as i can easily get distracted doing other tasks non work related easily.
Actually timing reading i’m going to defiantly try to stick to.
I already "timebox"in the gym as i know working smart in the gym is the best way for gains.


I so wish I could get myself to do this. It would have huge benefits in my life.


@Will The journey to a thousand steps starts with just one step. Why not timebox, one hour per week on one subject and see how it goes? #peace!


I recently was recommended the Pomodoro technique, I now measure things in tomatos :slight_smile:


You can do it. Watch the video
Then try it for a day, you won’t go back once you start using a timer


The pomodoro technique is what I use every day!


I like the concept of Timeboxing everything, but this is not a thing that would work for me. The main reason is because as a student I have a irregular schedule so sometimes I need to go to school till 4 and at 2 they will say have a nice day see you tomorrow. Also when I have a really bad day at school I tent to just hang on the couch and watch your older videos


Well… I can see how that could be a problem.
Not that I can give you advice… but it was always fascinating to me that while I was going through 3 masters degrees… and working full time, the timebox discipline allowed me to get EVERYTHING i needed to, done.

Timeboxing can help ensure that 5 minute break doesn’t turn into 1.5 hrs of nonsense!


By introducing the seconds in a day as dollars in a bank that disappear by the end of the day is brilliant. A powerful phrase I once heard is that “the value of today is measured by how it effects tomorrow”, I think this has a similar meaning to your point.

As a post A-level student,. that retook a year, however I still says it was the best decision of my life. Regardless my grades were not outstanding the experience and opinions I gained about education meant that in no way was it a waste of time.

I don’t think that you always get the value you expect but it simply the art of making sure it benefits tomorrow is the skill.


Time-boxing is a great method of incentivising yourself to fallow through with a task. Petes point that by having an end in sight you work harder up until that point is great as I’ve found from applying it in my own lifestyle. I’ve always struggled to read but often find myself wanting to read more.
by making sure I do at least one hour a day, an achievable amount, I have found it much easier to stick to my daily reading goals.

Thanks for that advice and motivation. everybody keep up the good work and ill see you in day 12!


I will timebox my day into spending time with the Lord, my family, work, crypto, and rest.


Awesome NUGGET! I am definitely going to apply this. This will help me be more productive in the things I plan on doing during the day. I have many things to do, but timeboxing will give me time to get more things done. Awesome post. Thanks DAY 11 one of my favorite days so far. :cowboy_hat_face:


I love the idea! I’ll be implementing this strategy in 2018.


I like the idea of timeboxing. It would help break up the day and also make it more interesting. Instead of saying I spent the whole day working on X I can spend a certain amount of time on project 1 then move on to project 2 and so on. Repeat the next day until a project is completed.
Thanks for this!