#b90x - DAY 12 - Coinbase Walkthrough



In today’s episode, for those who are more experienced, this episode may not help you out. That’s ok.
We’re creating an entire program here, and don’t forget the mission:

To spread Bitcoin and blockchain technology to all corners of the globe!

I’ve been getting a ton of messages from brand new people who want to understand how to JUST BEGIN!

Now that we’re prepped you guys for the lifestyle (which we’ll continue to iterate), we’re going to take baby steps in Bitcoin:

  • Setting up accounts
  • Understanding trading
  • Understanding charts
  • Etc

Our job is to help on-board as many people as we can.

Today’s assignment is simple:
Who do you need to send this video to?
Who do you need to help get on the spaceship?

Oh, and if you’re from UK or AUS? Enjoy:

UK Cryptonation
Coin Security Myths Debunked - Ultimate Guide

Unfortunately, coinbase is unavailable in Ukraine
I use localbitcoins.com or Lykke exchange.
The prices are higher on these services


Love these building blocks!!


Got this covered. I think this is one of the safest options to keep Bitcoin online. From what I understand is that if they got hacked your holdings are insured, right?
Of course it is important to keep your login secure yourself, but they have good options for that!

And when we’re on the moon they can simply namechange to moonbase :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This video was super nostalgic to me for when I first made my coinbase account back in 2013. Welcome newcomers! There’s plenty of room on the spaceship yet, glad to see you all standing in line to get your tickets!


Great video! Will be sure to send it to the friends who are dipping their toes into cryptos now :slight_smile:


Thanks. This is what I like to see! I’m trying to fill the spaceship!


Does Coinbase support Segwit yet? I stopped using it when the fees were like 100% more than they needed to be. On a different note I do always recommend Coinbase as an entry point.


Coinbase is supported in Australia.


I bet Peter is thinking, I hope these new traders get in on this dip! :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:


Coinbase is a beautiful platform for new people boarding the ship. It is simple to use, a nice GUI across mobile and desktop/laptop systems, and it makes ease of payment and instant buy/sell almost instantaneous.

Better yet; if for whatever reason the website were to be hacked, no problem, all funds are held, ironically, in a bank in the event of server breach I interpret this as 99.99% access to your funds/crypto without the long-haul of anxiety and apprehension of ruminating if you will ever get it back.

The more experienced you get, and the more you see your profit/loss and initial/top-up investments accruing fees, you will see the fluctuations in what you could gain, what you lose through fees and also, the +/- ratio when using excel charting to pinpoint precise quantitative data.

Nonetheless, coinbase is as close as it gets to a crypto bank and potentially, a ‘safe’ (i use the word with hesitation) online wallet. Nonetheless, get those private keys to your wonga, and ensure safety.

I have disseminated this video to a few people today. I have sign posted many people to 101’s on bitcoin, block chain, alt coins, geo-politics as well as various other sections on here to inform the person which pertains to their understanding.


You are doing the DOGE’s good work… spreading the gospel of crypto to the ends of the earth. We all win when this happens!


Thank you my good friend. I never could understand why individuals were selfish with knowledge and the ability to empower another person.

I have met a lot of resilience along the way in trying to inform people, not necessarily encourage people to just buy, but just to research and have a look at something worthwhile other than the propaganda we see on facebook and social media.

I love it when people say it is ‘gambling’ because I always say; and i am not being ‘patronising’, but don’t we as humans gamble everyday, with our own health and lives. Even what we consume is a gamble, with an inevitable financial and physiological loss and detriment.

Still, we will persist brothers and sisters.


Hi CryptoNation,

Unfortunately, Coinbase buy/sell isn’t available in Ukraine(
So I prefer to use kuna.io. localbitcoins.com or exmo.com)

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


The simplicity of Coinbase is very good…but the transfer time from bank checking account needs to be improved. And although the visa payment is instantaneous…the fees…nooooooo! So to counter I just keep plugging in the same amount on the same day every week…and although a modest amount it, I have faith that it will grow over time!


Luckily my NSW licence is still valid so I was able to set up my country as Australia (I currently live in NZ/No Coinbase here yet.) I only moved back 2 months ago lol!


If you are in the Middle East www.bitoasis.net is great. Works just like CoinBase.



I got my Coinbase account set up a couple weeks ago and recently helped a friend get his set up. I’m working on bringing him here to the Bitcoin Pub and maybe a couple others. :grinning: Let’s do this! :rocket:


Boom. That’s how it spreads. Help one. Help another. :fist_left:t3:


@JoshuaSD do you ever get the feeling that people look at you like the traveling bible salesman? I love talking crypto and promoting this site. It is fun and I love to watch the non-believers duck out of the way as I am coming to see them. I love talking to them even more than the believers, especially when you start to see the light bulbs start to light up in their eyes. Then I know we have them as one of us! :rocket: :rocket: