#b90x - DAY 12 - Coinbase Walkthrough



Nah. You’ll be fine! No need to get all crazy with multiple exchanges for now…


Cheers! lets get that Day 13 tomorrow :beers:


So I am gonna use this thread to let you all know that Coinbase is charging an amount of 10 dollars per Wire transfer.
I learned earlier today, that apparently VISA and MasterCard are charging some extra fees for buying crypto. (after seeing your video on decentralized TV , @peter )
My surprise was even bigger when I went to do a bank transfer on Coinbase for my ICX DCA this coming month and saw they are charging that amount!! :flushed: :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Is there any other page/exchange that anyone recommends?


Thank you for the video. After several weeks of pumping Crypto to my family through videos and emails my dad finally jumped onboard! I forwarded him this video and he got some Bitcoin around the $10500 level. Now he is thinking about getting some other altcoins!


Gemini takes forever to validate my ID but Coinbase I’m on it.


I need to help myself before I help others, but I’d love to help my parents!


I set up a coinbase a while ago and have been spreading the word. However @peter, I’m sure your aware, the credit cards are cashing in on extra fees as of late. In addition to regular fees, coinbase announced that they are now forwarding the extra fees for Credit. I haven’t been effected by transfers from bank of colorado but I’m sure it’s coming.


I’m using Kraken which works for most of Europe I believe.
While I haven’t spread the word about Bitcoin to a lot of people, I did talk to my mom about ICON a few weeks ago. I told her about what it was and the potential it held, and she eventually agreed to put a small amount of her savings into it. She’s now the proud owner of 300 ICX, even though she can hardly handle a computer, let alone her smartphone.
I don’t dare let her handle the private keys however, since she’d just end up giving them to the first person that e-mails her about it. :sweat_smile:


Great intro Peter! I’ve had my account setup for a few weeks, and have been averaging my buys every Friday. Although the prices have been crazy volatile the last month or so, I’m still happy with where I’m at and how much I’m learning.

I will be sending this video to a good friend of mine that is getting involved in the space!


I could never get verified with Coinbase, and the same with Bittrex (stuck in verification processing for 4 plus months). I ended up going with Binance and QuadrigaCX (Canadian based exchange, you can buy BTC, ETH with eTransfer and CC).

Maybe someday they will become verified for me to use…?

Darcy C


Hey, as long as you can get in the game!


One day at the time guys. “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”

Question: Currently my limit is $750 per week. Will adding my Bank Account increase my limit?


It depends on coinbase!


This pops for me when I try to use my debit card not sure if it’s because visa doesn’t support crypto anymore or because my bank is a credit union. But always been doing the slow bank wire transfer lol


I have a Visa debit card from my credit union that took 2 days to verify. It is still working because used it on Coinbase today. Could it specifically be your bank?


I think so my bank is quick to deny shady looking charges. Also their mobile app is quick to lock you out too and won’t let me connect it with Mint app either so that sucks. But I’m fine with the slow bank transfer just keep some float in my USD wallet for Friday DCA & also less fees. Idk how true the 4.99% fee + visa fees are but I’ll pass on it.


I am not charged fees by my bank when using my debit card. Only charged Coinbase transaction fees for whatever I purchase and I don’t believe it’st that much although I have been making smaller weekly purchases.


Thanks for this. Is buying bitcoin really necessary? Can I start with litecoin?


Nope! Starting with LTC is a great way to get into crypto!


Well, what do you know. I apparently registered on Coinbase last year. I failed the verification process due to the layout of my ID card (my middle name is listed first on the ID card which I didn’t reflect upon when entering my info on Coinbase), which I then e-mailed them about in the beginning of November. I asked them how I should send the verification for KYC since their automated process didn’t work. Today I received my response, in which they just asked if I had resolved it myself already…
Not sure if it’s even possible to use wire transfer or credit card on Coinbase when you live in Sweden.