#b90x - DAY 12 - Coinbase Walkthrough



After 100 days of B90x and disciplined DCA every week finally got the instant bank wires :slight_smile:


Great video peter! wish i would have watched it a few months back


Thank everyone… Bloody Chase hit me those nasty Cash Advance fees


Although I’ve been on coinbase for some time I am pleased to see this video explanation that is soo much simpler than how I originally got involved. I will be definitely pointing some people this way…


I use WIREX in combination with BTCdirect to buy BTC.
Do I still need a Coinbase account in the future though? What do you guys reckon?


I’m an aussie an i made a mistake opening coinable. i have a small amount in there and i’ll keep it there for now.

but i also have coinspot. I love it very simple to use.


Coinbase Walkthrough

Great job of explaining Peter.
Wish I had known about The Bitcoin Pub six months ago.
It was a great review.

Day 12 – Forward Ho!
Buy a Bitcoin and hodl it. :pig2:


I’ve been using Coinbase from the beginning. It’s one of the best on ramps into crypto, but can Bittrex dethrone the giant when they start fiat pairing?


I’m 7 months into the game so i have invited almost everyone I know lol. I’ll keep on the grind to spread the word! Crypto lifestyle.


Not much to reply to here. I have been using CB for almost 1 year. I have my son using it now as I gave him BTC for Christmas so now he is DCAing on his own. My youngest (daughter) will turn 18 in late August so I’ll get her started as well.


Got this one covered. Have had the account for a couple weeks now. I expect I will be forwarding this video to other people in the near future.
Covers the set up snap and pop.


Have had an account setup since the first time through b90x, simple and easy. Have a weekly deposit setup


Hate them or love them on boarding a lot of newbies and would rather use them than a low volume exchange that haven’t scaled.


Can’t say i have used Coinbase because Australian residence cannot sell back to fiat to withdraw and i avoid buying cryptos with a credit card.

Other ones i have trusted in the past have been Coinspot if your an aussie, new to crypto super simple to setup and get trading with bank deposits and withdraws


Coinbase very easy and straight forward. I wonder what will be listed after ETC :thinking:


I never used Coinbase because of location, but I use other platforms like https://www.lykke.com


Coinbase. A necessary evil.

One of the best things I learned as a newbie was to ACH from my bank. Transfer to gdax (coinbase pro for any newbies reading this). Avoid fees whenever possible people.


No matter what we say or how we feel they are still the easiest on ramp from fiat to crypto in the USA. Haven’t had any problems myself but I know some of out Pub mates have. Lets just keep on grinding.


This was done before I started B90X in the past. I use it for an onramp to get my USD converted to BTC. I actually use coinbase-pro for the actual purchase of BTC.


fuck coinbase #keepyour10dollars :laughing: