#b90x - DAY 13 - EXODUS Wallet Walkthrough



Sometimes it’s great to be reminded of the basics.

In today’s episode, we’ll be using a very easy and simple system called exodus.io

This wallet allows you to manage and control your value in a simple and intuitive interface.

Take some time today to go through it, try transfering more value. Try buying another alt coin!

For today’s homework, tell us, what do you like about Exodus? What don’t you like?
What are other options that you have found that work as well, or better, than Exodus?

November 22, 2017 - ROLL CALL! - Secure Your Coins! Please Read!

The UI is ahead of the curve compared to other wallets, however what I don’t like about exodus is that you can’t predetermine the fee. Maybe this is coming down the pipe or I didn’t enable an option to allow this somewhere?

I would love to see continued expansion in coin support.


Pretty much says it all

Nice UI, lack of alt coins and transfer fees are a pain.


Great look and feel
I’ve sent 3 OMGs to my Exodus

It’s interesting by which criteria they choose the coins to support ?


If I change my computer, can I sill use the same Exodus ‘account’ or I have to transfer the funds?


I have exodus as its easy and UI is nice, but the fees are atrocious. I would rather keep it on my phone wallet…but then again I need to move it cause I am swapping phones.


@rhlll, unfortunately you’ll have to make a completely new wallet on a different computer. Unless you use the 12 word backup. In that case, the computer you originally started your wallet on will not work. Only the new computer it is running on will. Your funds will still be available in your new wallet.


@joe07 That’s what I wanted to know. Thank you


Awesome! Two nice tutorials in a row! Great stuff! :smiley:


Seems like a cool wallet, very nice UI :sunglasses:

What I don’t completely understand is why this would be safer than coinbase.
Wouldn’t we have to trust the developers?
Isn’t it just as hackable as coinbase?

Coinbase has insurance vs hacks and the insurance company obviously requires it to take extreme safety measures. Also it has two factor authentication to login. Does exodus have this as well?
Coinbase is also a very visible company making it less likely somebody from the inside acts badly as it would be very likely they get caught imo.

If somebody could elaborate a bit on why exodus would be a safer option than coinbase that would be great!


Thanks for making this video Peter!!! Been meaning to make an exodus wallet but thought it was a lot more complex than it actually is. Awesome vid!!!


@Bart The exchange can be hacked, go bankrupt or simply close. You can watch the video ‘WORD ON THE STREET - Real Life Bitcoin Users!’ on Youtube for an example. Or google ‘Mt. Gox’.


I have 2 questions regarding Exodus Wallet:

1. Security: We only have a password and a recovery phrase, but store multiple crypto-currencies within the wallet. That means, we do NOT have the private key for each single currency, right? No private key for Bitcoin, no private key for ETH or whatever. What if, for some reason, the Exodus Wallet does not work anymore? The developers stop the project, the wallet can’t connect to any servers anymore or whatever may happen. In this case we do NOT have access to our BTC, ETC and all the other values stored in Exodus Wallet - right? Or is there any way nevertheless? Is Exodus really safe?

2. ICOs on ETH: Can Exodus be used to participate in ICOs, like for example ICON (ICX)? Or do you need to use MyEtherwallet in this case?


Can’t use Exodus, gotta use MEW


I do like EXODUS as a wallet which provides a very nice GUI, and options to add other cryptos. The slight apprehension I had was its interaction with Linux and its stability. However; backing up keys and seeds safeguards any detriment.

And in all fairness, it runs very nice with Linux, I have tested it out and backed up, purposely sabotaged it to see if I could recover with ease, and I did.

Overall, a very good storage option!


Love Exodus…very easy and user friendly but it only stores certain types of coins so do your research!


I’ve downloaded the linux exodus zip file. Not to mention, I wiped my windows 7 laptop and installed my new linux mint 18.2 OS on it. I’m not finding it intuitive to install exodus, even though I’ve installed some other other things tonight. Can anyone kindly help me?


Right-click the exodus you downloaded and choose extract. It should create a folder called Exodus-linux-x64. Open the folder look for a file called Exodus. Right-click it and choose Run or simply double-click it


Thank you for this! This should work!


Well darn, I tried that but nothing happened! But, I’ll try when I get home again. Installing things in linux just isn’t always quite the same as windows, I’m finding out after one night of fiddling.