#b90x - DAY 13 - EXODUS Wallet Walkthrough



exodus is a great wallet, but they are slow at getting things done simply because they only have a small team. I wish they would have their eden wallet public and have it as the main wallet, I know it is for beta testing but they are just erc-20 tokens so they are easy to add.

biggest downside to exodus is it is not open source, you really dont know what is going on. They keep an encrypted backup for you, but who really knows right?

I would suggest that anyone that has over $500 in bitcoin, buy a ledger, keepkey or a trezor (trezor 2 comes out in a month or so) they are safe and easy to use. As a bonus they are usually the first ones out with the free coins after a split.
exodus fees are insane. I went to send $700 worth of bitcoin from exodus, cost $5.34 - to send $700 from trezor, $1.78, and trezor speed was set to fast (you can choose your speed on trezor and ledger)

my 2 satoshis worth…


I can open it or double click it and the wallet opens, appears to work. But this isn’t the same as installing it, is it?


I was also considering a ledger nano s, but they are backordered from them directly. I read somewhere not to buy from anyone else, as they keys could be duplicated? Or where else could I get one sooner than the company website’s wait time, so I have my BTC offline before the hard forks?


my friend ordered a ledger nano last week, it said it wouldnt ship for 2 weeks. However it shipped the next day, he paid for express shipping so he had it in three days. the trezor is another good hardware wallet, it cost a little more tho. I have both and they are easy to use.


It’s a self-contained app so there’s no need for installation. However, you can create a menu entry for it in the menu.


I just picked up a KeepKey from Amazon (sold by Key Hodlers, LLC). It’s a bit more expensive but it arrived in a couple of days. It seems like a solid piece of hardware so far and I like the features it has. Just gotta make sure the factory seal on the packaging isn’t tampered with. Might be worth looking into if you’re wanting something quick.


Thank you! I got exodus added to a new menu item “crypto wallets.” Now I just have to figure out how to get my other one added, but it’s a windows wallet I’ve jacked in with wine2. This isn’t intuitive lol. But I’m learning. Welp, I got that one too now.


What wallet is that? Did you have to install it or is it a Windows executable?


It’s my MorningStar Payments windows wallet. I had to use wine2 to get it to work. Not available for linux. But I got it to work, I’m learning! Thanks for the help!


If you were to only keep one, which would it be? Trezor vs Ledger?


it would be close, but I would prob keep the trezor simply because of few minor wallets things, but if the wallets were equal then the ledger. You cant go wrong, they are both pretty good.


You can contact them to know if the reseller is legit. I contacted Trazor on Twitter, and they answered in 2 minutes.


Overall… I like Exodus, it’s clean, easy to use and makes cool noises. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’d like to see more altcoins added, more details on fees and a bigger development team.
I haven’t tested out any other software wallets yet.

Here’s a how-to link for those that might want to extract the private keys from Exodus.


Does anyone know a way to force Exodus to NOT install on the primary drive (C: drive)?


You know? That’s a good point. I don’t think I remember an install option around that…


I tried moving the downloaded .exe to a different drive and it still installs on C:. Just curious. I much prefer to install wallets on drives I am able to eject. Overly cautious given my history with Cryptsy.

But DUDE! Haven’t had a chance to tell you: Love this forum. Thanks.


Thank you sir! Keep inviting people. It’s a wonderful resource for help when you need it and great asynchronous conversations when you need it!


I looked in to this some but couldn’t find anything on Exodus in particular.
The files are located in… (I’m using Windows 10)
AppData > Roaming > Exodus
AppData > Local > Exodus
You can search Windows for %appdata% to find them.
I’m not sure you can move the files individually but you can right-click on the Local and Roaming folders, go to Properties > Location tab and change where the folders are stored. I don’t know how it effects the other programs that are located in these folders but it might be something for you to look into.


To view and export your private keys:

Access the top menu (in Linux Mint it’s CTRL+SHIFT+D) then:

Exodus>Developer>Assets>Bitcoin>Export Private Keys


Oh oops, it was actually a link to the Exodus support page about private keys.
I guess I shouldn’t have labeled the link as a question… :flushed:
but thank you! haha