#b90x - DAY 13 - EXODUS Wallet Walkthrough



How about installing this on a virtual machine?
Would that be overkill to resolve the C drive issue? :slight_smile:


no, it has to be installed on the main drive, it would be great to be able to install on a usb, instant cold storage but they wont allow it, ask on their slack. Exodus is not open source so who knows the real reason…


Great video. When i first started out i never had walk through videos to watch like this or knew about it, I just left my coins on Coinbase until i started to read about mt gox & exchange hacks thats when i ordered my Ledger.

I will show this to whom next i speak with crypto about to use while they wait for a ledger s to arrive as the shipping dates can be so long to australia! :sunglasses:

I use a ledger s, recommend it highly.


I just got this message when opening Exodus, yes i do get alot of small transactions but this seems unreal as my current balance is about 90 bucks. When filling in a transaction it doesn’t show a huge fee tho.

Learn More >> http://support.exodus.io/article/71-i-receive-btc-mining-payouts-why-are-the-fees-so-high

This is similar to the Bitcoin network. Let’s look at an example:

Alice receives 0.01 Bitcoins every day from her mining contract for 100 days. Bob receives a payment of 1 Bitcoin once. Both Alice and Bob now have a 1 Bitcoin balance.

If Alice and Bob now try to send 1 Bitcoin, Alice will have a much larger fee than Bob. This is because the Bitcoin network has to do a lot more work for Alice to bundle all of her small “change inputs” together vs. Bob, who just has 1 input.

This is similar to someone who tries to spend 100 pennies vs. a one dollar bill. Both amounts have the same value, but the 100 pennies take longer to count, so it is harder to make the transaction.



What happens if my hardrive dies? Do i lose my bitcoin? No way to get back?


If you use exodus you can recover with your pass phrase


I really liked the UI but I wasn’t feeling save with it stored on my computer, so now I am using a ledger Nano s which also works great.


Nice video. Anyone have any thoughts on options other than Coinbase, and Gdax? Just curious if there are any other options out there. Thanks


Great tutorial. I didn’t know it was an exchange as well. I bought a nano ledger s to store my current coins. Might have to check this out for the shape shift option.


Exodus is pretty nice, I haven’t used it before, so I’m still checking it out and learning its features.

I have to say great tutorial as well, I like the step-by- step, properly ordered structure, yet the daily videos are concise and simple to follow. Will definitely be passing the word along to new people who want to get in the game but aren’t quite sure how. 13/90!


Thanks for this info! I will be searching to see if there are any newer solutions that you recommend more since this aired. I do have some other questions though.

  1. Is there a way to tie this wallet to a hardware wallet like the ledger?
  2. At what point should I move currency off Binance? I struggle with the thought of having to move my coins to a wallet and then, if I want to trade, I have to move it back again. I guess I am still trying to get comfortable with moving between currencies in Binance and getting my portfolio balanced before I lock up the coins. Where is the sweet spot? Is there a rule of thumb?
  3. Is there a fee if I want to move currency from Exodus back to Binance?



No. Each wallet is independent.

If you’re going to trade a lot keep it on the exchange. Just be prepared for outrages.

If you’re paranoid like me, you’ll create a workflow that gets you into an exchange then out.

There are transaction fees whenever you move so take that into account!


Thank you!! You are doing awesome work and really helping people. My sincerest gratitude!



 Very simple! Is there a platform that works 
      with new coins ICX ADA ect??


How does this compare to a trezor safety wise ?
Also, since ICX is launching on the 24th, won’t it just be better to send the coins to their native wallet ?
PS: @peter I’m the guy that said “I’ve heard this shit before” on the live stream. I simply meant I’ve been on an “impossible” mission before. No disrespect intended. Sorry if you took it that way. I get what you mean as I saw people dropping like flies on my last adventure. I’m sure it’ll be the same this time so I guess I spoke out of term & was unclear.
Nyways, sorry if it came out wrong. Love your stuff man.
See you on da moon.


No worries! My bad for getting on you! LIFE!
We grow together!
My apologies!



I love the U/I of exodus it’s clean, vibrant, and easy to use. What i dont like about exodus is it’s on my computer. I have a few ledgers and trezors that i use that work fine for me but before i had those it was exodus which i didnt really have too many issues with. To me, if youre not trading, its a better alternative than leaving it on the exchanges


I have a Trezor and have ordered a second one. I may have a look at exodus.io, but right now it feels like an extra complication, another wallet to manage and extra charges.

I am paranoid about security with crypto, which is probably a good thing, so I am not sure I even want to set up a wallet this way - even as a temporary store


Thanks Peter. It’s so simple to setup- but I’m not a huge fan of the lack of alt coin deposit options. Easier said than done - I know, but there are many other coins out there which will require you to open different wallets. I just got my ledger nano S in the mail today and I’m looking forward to getting it all setup.