#b90x - DAY 13 - EXODUS Wallet Walkthrough



I’m not sure if I’m going to use Exodus or not. I just bought a trezor, should get to me tomorrow. The ui does look really great though on Exodus. I also went ahead and set up my ICONex wallet, even though it’s still in beta, I have yet to send any coins to it. I might test it out soon, with a small amount of icx.


I’ve got the nano ledger s. i love it. I’ve got all my stuff on there. i have from day one of me getting some bitcoin. my wife uses exodus wallet and the nano ledger s. She likes both. exodus has a nice look and some great features to trade off the exchange. my only concern is how secure is it on my pc AKA any back door bugs that i have to worry about? i already use a vpn while trading on my encrypted laptop. I dont care about the tax man just hackers and companies trying to exit scam lol.


Exodus looks great. Some things it could be improved in my opinion:

  1. Ability to get your private keys and not only secret words
  2. More coins and tokens
  3. Ability to backup before I have sent any money to exodus


Since trying Exodus i think I am going to go with a hardware wallet like the ledger nano.
I like having it on a separate device I can but in a safe. Security is the name of the game


I have been using the Nano s for while and I do like it. I did setup my “crypto notebook” with Exodus and I love it. I’m thinking of downloading Morpheus wallet.


I love MEW! lol
I’ll have to try this eventually…


I had purchased some crypto through coinbase before starting on the b90x path, and downloading exodus and transferring funds over to a new wallet is a SUPER cool experience.

I would have friends talk about the need for wallets, and exchanges and all these things, and it just doesn’t make sense to me until i do it. … and i’ve done it :slight_smile:


Like the option of being able to use exchange wallet. Would like exodus to add more alt coins


When my hard computer gets sorted out I’ll definitely get myself on Exodus. Although the fees sound terrible.


I enjoy the user interface. I’m easy to please…Dark interface with some color and I’m happy


Exodus, Exodus… I believe one day they will add doge coin to wallet again…


I was sad to see it go. Really.


I remember like few weeks ago You was telling on the stream how important is to secure assets and someone asked “what is the best wallet except hardware?” and your response was “EXODUS” I was like “they removed your 2nd best coin, which you love so much and you still recommend them so much…” I know why, and this makes that, you… You’re the MAN Sir.


I love the UI of Exodus but I’m not a big fan of how they’ve been getting hacked due to user error . :slight_smile:


They were hacked? Link?


Exodus has one password/entry point, so hack ability becomes much easier. There’s several examples imaged


YouTube video search to support your claim? C’mon man, that’s weak!
Those so-called ‘hacks’ are more like bad practices by people who their accounts while streaming.

Show me some concrete examples where Exodus had coding bugs that led to people’s accounts being hacked.

I don’t work at Exodus but have been a user since their early days of release. I used to have a minor transaction problem, and they sorted it out respectfully and professionally, even going above and beyond to compensate me.

Give credit where credit is due, and don’t spread unnecessary FUD. This is coming from someone who now uses almost exclusively a hardware wallet.


@Dustin_Matthews, let me show you an example of a hack: fresh from the oven today!
MyEtherWallet Warns That A “Couple” Of Its DNS Servers Have Been Hacked

So, you won’t be a big fan of MEW now too, I guess!


This wallet was easier to use than I expected it to be! I do intend to get a hardware wallet eventually, though. I’m still wary of having a wallet on my PC


No I’m not a fan of people getting their money exploited. I’ll update my previous post as not to spread FUD. I do think Exodus looks cool and has the best UI. Ask Peter he will tell you he doesn’t use Exodus he called it out in a previous video. I tend not to investigate the smoke if my mentors aren’t using it then I probably shouldn’t IMO, that’s all I’m trying to say. I’m not savvy enough to not make a mistake nor would I want to risk my portfolio. People are human and made mistakes allowing their wallets to be emptied.