#b90x - DAY 13 - EXODUS Wallet Walkthrough



I Downloaded Exodus a while back but I don’t use it. I do have to say that it’s a very nice UI


I’m using my Ledger. Also like the ICONex wallet. And the IOS ICONex app.


I still use it a bit, I mostly used it for what wasn’t available on the HW which I will have to go back and look since so much has been added. I also keep some value on here that I use for DCA when I don’t have fiat to pour in.


Uploaded the Exodus the last time I watched this video. I like this wallet much better than myetherwallet. The interface is much easier to use, It’s more appealing to the eye, and generally justs run smoother overall.


The consistent updates have been awesome!


Since I’m a year late for this post, I have Ethos UW.


I haven’t really used Exodus but I’ve heard good things about it from a few people, good interface, user friendly…


Downloaded EXODUS. I like the look however it doesn’t support several coins or tokens like Dogecoin. So I would still need a second wallet. Currently I’m using Atomic as my desktop and Ledger NanoS as my hard wallet.

I would like to find something that has the look of EXODUS but supports the different coins/tokens that Atomic does. Also trying to find something that has lower fees. Since I’m still a noob I have no idea what to watch for with the fees and how to control them better. :thinking:




I have never used exodus. I skipped that. Went head first into hardware wallets and bittrex when I got in to crypto. #allornone #idontplay


Used this when I was a green bean only use hardware wallets now


Exodus is a good option for sure, however, right now I personally prefer using ZEL



I liked the original UI/UX better than the more recent updates, but it is still easy to use and a solid option.


Got my Exodus wallet all set up!


Yep, best GUI out there!