#b90x - DAY 14 - GDAX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial



In today’s lesson we discuss how to move money from your Coinbase account to your GDAX account.

If you have money in your FIAT wallet in Coinbase, you can transfer that money to GDAX for free and purchase bitcoin with ZERO TRANSACTION FEES!

Today’s homework is to try purchasing multiple bitcoin amounts in GDAX.

The purpose for today’s lesson is to get experience purchasing coins on an exchange, doing a limit buy or a limit sell.

Most all other exchanges work similarly, so being proficient in this mechanism makes it much easier for the future!

Let us know what you’ve learned below in the comments!

How to buy BTC(Bitcoin) in Australia Easily and at a Reasonable Price (+Tutorial Included)
New to bitcoin - Coinbase help please

Love that you’re doing these long-form walkthroughs. Epic learning!


Shared this with a friend today who is getting into trading now. Great walkthrough :smiley:


Thanks! We going bit by bit. It’s a long way. No need to rush!


Great video @peter, wish i had this as a reference when i was first learning my way around the exchanges.


You can help others by sharing it! Thanks man for being here!


Thanks for the review and tip. Gonna buy some bitcoin withhout fees there soon :wink:

And will bring up the Bitcoin this weekend during family dinner.
My father is probably gonna say it so risky and blabla. At least he gets a pretty consistent -3% on his savings account due to inflation and taxes on assumed capital gains by the Dutch government :joy::joy:


Lol. Made me almost spit my food out. That consistency tho… :sweat_smile:


thanks, great tutorial
I’m following


Great video @peter . Thanks for sharing!


This is awesome…been getting hit with coinbase fees…this is the perfect alternative!


hi guys, is there another way how to send bitcoin in GDAX?? because coinbase is not supported here in our country.
thank u



I’ve been holding off on this video until I could get some funds in there. That was a great tutorial, and really helped eliminate the intimidation factor.

This is the best video game EVAR! :space_invader:


What country do you live in? Did you find a suitable exchange?


I so wish I had watched this video last week where I was using the Coinbase values for exchanges. I would have saved about 2-4% depending on my trades. Thrilled to have learned a valuable tip today!

Thank you @peter!


It’s the small rings! Keep going thru all the b90x program!


Thanks for the great video Peter.
@SpeediMike I did the same thing before finding out about avoiding fees through GDAX. :man_shrugging:


I use Gdax to only view the depth chart time to time :slight_smile:
I cannot order it through Gdax as I am in Australia.


Great walkthrough & tutorial to show new peeps i introduce to crypto! :sunglasses:


Great walk trough. Only the identification process of GDAX is killing me. =(