#b90x - DAY 14 - GDAX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial



If you did all coinbase verification it should be good for GDAX


I’m not a US resident. So they wanted for GDAX a second verification. This didn’t worked.
I’ll try today again.


You have to deposit USD first before buying litecoin? You can’t buy litecoin through the deposit?


You can. Certainly. :rocket:


Thanks for the tutorial!


Love the tutorial. Gonna have to try this on my next DCA day. Time to ditch them fees!


Nice interface! GDAX definitely adds a good visual and Real-Time prices to buying/selling/trading. Instead of just making a purchase through coinbase, this seems more professional, and a good tool for getting a better look at the live market. I will be using GDAX more often now.


Great tutorial! GDAX was my gateway drug :smile: I use it to move between the big 4 and coinbase. Buying limit orders with the same speed as market orders can be a bit annoying if the market is fluctuating rapidly, but if you set it and wait, you will get a bite, and enjoy the 0 fees.

If only i saw this video when i first started



Simple explanations. I hope my brothers go through this program.


Enjoyed the video was more of a refresher for me but It’s always good to go back to the basics. :rocket:BTC to the moon got my ticket need at least 6 more!


:+1: great intro to the basics


I learned about the sell walls, and how they work with limit orders. Thanks, P.


Brilliant work thro.
I’m still here determined to see this thing through to the end.


Very nice video, right now I’m learning with the yobit exchange. Opening other exchanges was difficult because they were not accepting new customers.


Learned that I can put fiat in my usd wallet on coinbase and then transfer, make purchases in gdax (then transfer to binance for no fees). I’ve been doing something similar, but I was buying bitcoin/ltc/eth in coinbase with either cc or ach transfer, then transferring to gdax (then transferring to binance), but was getting the fees for purchasing btc/ltc/eth on coinbase with cc or ach transfer first! Nice one. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Really need to stop using Coinbase as a platform and start using GDAX, problem is I have to deposit in Euro and then currency convert to GBP then compare to U.S dollar so definitely a round trip every time but buying at market price on Coinbase just seems really not the ideal way to go about it.

I made a deposit from GDAX into my Exodus wallet but its taking longer than usual, is this normal guys?

Cheers :beers:


I will try this I’ve only used hitbtc and etherdelta so far but I do have a coinbase and if the fees are still 0 I’ll be ecstatic! Oh and my post from yesterday I had to do today so you guys know I’m not double dipping.


Wow - sweet intro Peter. I can finally read the GDAX matrix :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Great video as always. I gained some more understanding of the buy and sell walls. I’ve been using Binance since December, placing limit orders and making some small profits trading different coins.