#b90x - DAY 14 - GDAX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial



I have been using Coinbase and GDAX from the beginning but have not gotten a wallet as of yet. Trezor has paired up with MyEtherWallet so it should work with it seamlessly. What I should be doing at this moment is checking to see what alt coins on the chain it allows. I think they are called E20 or something like that.


Thanks for the great help. I learned how to move money in and out without paying fees! I always love to avoid extra fees.


Small wins!!! Crush it my man!


@peter is GDAX just for Coinbase accounts or can you deposit BTC’s with them from a cold storage wallet?


Ooo. That wouldn’t be a good idea.


Why not? ______________


I read it wrong. I thought you meant you’d STORE your btc in gdax.
Should be ok.


Great training. Its great that most of my info from Coinbase defaulted over to GDAX. I appreciate your selfless service in spreading the Cyptocurrency knowledge and to the Crypto Nation! And for FREE! I spread the word to my peers and friends several times, no bites yet, but the seed is planted.


Great detailed video! Greatly appreciated! I’m trading!


I signed up with GDAX a while ago, and again, still waiting for KYC verification - since it’s liked to Coinbase. Would be a nice tool to use when I get verified finally.

Darcy C


This was great. Solid review of basics - most tutorials assume more knowledge than this at the outset, but going step by step is key.

The process of trading is more about habit and mindset than intelligence. It takes practice.


Excellent Refresher! Thanks Peter! LOL. I catch myself double and triple checking to make addresses match everytime I do a transfer!


Good Stuff Peter! I had actually skipped right past GDAX when I got started with Crypto a few months back. I used Bittrex first, which I see is tomorrow’s lesson! :laughing: I’m mainly using Binance and Kucoin at the moment, but I do like the ease of moving USD within GDAX. Thanks again for the info. :beers:


i am on all exchanges, now i am also on gdax ! keep it up captain


Maybe not ironically Peter’s gdax walkthrough is what brought me to the Pub. I like the USD Wallet to gdax money savings.


this is great info. I tell ppl about this trick all the time to save money.


Gdax does net support russian customers(


GDAX looks scary to all my friends! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great way of saving money on transaction fees. Set myself a plan of using gdax every month to buy bitcoin and ethereum for zero fees to help purchase other alt coins.


I’m all about that GDAX zero fees!