#b90x - DAY 14 - GDAX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial



Intimidating at first maybe, but worth using it sir!


Today I learned that I would buy up that 3800 dolla Bitcoin in a heartbeat


That price of that Bitcoin at that time. 3850$ c’mon 3.850 bucks. Whaaat I was doing at that time?? O yeah, I know what I was doing…


I had a GDAX account but never used it. I’ve always bought at market price because everything else is table scraps in the long hodl game. I’ll set some bear traps going forward thanks :wink:


Muchas gracias for the video. :bch::bitrocket:


Nice memories with GDAX back when I started in December and discovered you can send Bitcoin from GDAX for free.
Several transfers done on GDAX.
At the beginning it seems to be a bit complicated as a complete newbie but a fee transfers later you get use to it.


Popo Lambo !!! :beetconnect:


Good run through needed that a while ago!


Followed through, linked my Coinbase to GDAX, and like most everyone else, I wish I would’ve known about this earlier! :face_with_monocle: We’re good to go!


Not a US resident so going through coinbase and GDAX isnt really for me. I like the zero transaction fees though!


OMG! I’ve been using GDAX as my reference charts for the last 6 months and never actually opened an account. What? I’m an idiot! And no fees! What? Idiot!
Oh well… at least I’m here now… Coinbase and GDAX seem awfully excited about the whole KYC thing. Accessing my camera? Yuck! They seem super bum chummy with US gov and IRS too. Brown nosin’ all the way!


How long typically for funds to be released from hold on coinbase? I can buy/sell on coinbase just fine with those dang fees, but when i try to tfr USD to gdax, it says all of my USD is still on hold. It shows my full usd balance in coinbase on gdax, but it says it’s all on hold. It’s been like a month now.


Ty-- I’ve transferred from my bank account direct to GDAX several times without fees and without incident. It takes 5 business days, 7 days if bank closed when you submit your request.


Mine eventually cleared, just took like 20 days. It was a blessing in disguise, since the market has continued to fall. Cost averaging down.


Peter, nice GDAX presentation. I wondered how to read that depth chart and you explained the walls. Thanks

Buy a Bitcoin and HODL it.

Day 14 – An easy review. On to new stuff.


Very good information. I have been using it for a while. Now it’s CoinbasePro.


On 24 HR notice. tried to open the account but for some reason couldn’t get the picture of the ID to come across clear enough and then try it again and then again and then again until it said you tried too many times you got to come back in 24 hours :tired_face:


Yoo William I see your Patron’s badge man.
Sup? Are you connected with discord already?


just set it up. Never used it before. Trying to figure out what to do next. Help please.


Finally got my coinbase pro account set up. It is not like the video showing GDAX, A couple questions. I only see the same coins to purchase that were on coinbase. I do not see other coins for purchase. Am I doing something wrong?