#b90x - DAY 14 - GDAX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial



I’m not going to lie, I normally buy off of impulse and trying to predict the bottom. (100 here and there) This really opened my eyes to how I should really be buying in. I think there is more of a psychological play here. The more I use the exchange with smaller amounts the better entry points I will get. Also I will be focused on dollar cost averaging more than anything.


I only do limit trades(and a weekly coinbase instant buy) to avoid fees as I don’t have much to invest and every bit helps. Gdax is now coinbase pro but they are essentially the same thing. Good video on learning ways to buy more beetcone!


When you’re in it for the long hodl that exchanges no longer exist. Never used Coinbase Pro yet though.


At the moment I use Binance and IDEX. Can’t wait to buy my crypto on Yen.io.


Never used GDAX because of my location.
Binance and of course we’re waiting and prepare for YEN


Not sure if this is too late, GDAX and Coinbase are the same. You are not doing anything wrong. The GDAX or Coinbase pro is that Coinbase pro is aimed at more advanced traders.


I still use Coinbase pro (formerly GDAX)… But will be moving onto YEN


Also waiting for yen.io :grin:


It’s that coinbase pro now, not sure why the change. I only use it when I need to. :yenio: is going to be the shit!!!


I promised to post on all days of b90x. I glossed over ones that I deemed super easy. just remember to use coinbase pro instead of gdax people. lol


It took me three weeks to get my Coinbase figured out. Credit unions…grrrrrrr…

@peter thank you for this! I’ve been wondering how to lower the transaction fees.


Really like the no fees transfer option and getting into the market. I have started to talk more about crypto and have people asking my opinion on bitcoin.


Thanks for the walk through Peter



Sheet I haven’t made a trade in several months haven’t used Coinbase pro either.


I’ve used gdax a time or two in the past. It’s been a looong time tho! Just buy on coinbase. Pay the fee. Transfer. Easy peasy. Simplicity wins.


That https://pro.coinbase.com/ looks awesome!


Use those limit orders to avoid them fees. Haven’t used it too much recently though.


Thanks again @peter. This was a good refresher. I have to say that I haven’t yet sold any of my BTC. For most of my purchases this year the price was going down, but I’ve gotten better at buying at the dips and my purchase from this past week is up. I’ve got to really tally my purchases on the DCA spreadsheet, but I’m in it for the long term and will circle back to it soon. I might trade what is up when I see it’s time for the best exit point.


GDAX https://pro.coinbase.com/ right now is great and simple. Love it!