#b90x - DAY 15 - BITTREX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial



safety mechanisms require new behaviors. these new behaviors are worth learning. it’ll save your ass.


Another solid tutorial. I can’t get my self to trade with my BTC though. I’m currently DCAing into it. And since I’m a crypto noob at its current price I don’t have much of it. :neutral_face:


Thanks for the great tutorial… it was nice actually seeing what Bittrex looks like inside. :wink:
I’m wondering about their tag line…
except we’re not accepting new registrations because we’re not really ready for the next-generation…
Salty?.. maybe…
Thanks again for the B90X !!!



BITTREX new user sign up has been down for a few weeks 
 now.... Any other suggestions to get that DOGE!???


Thanks for the video


I have been conducting most of my trades in Binance. I cannot even sign up for Bittrex right now due to the volume of new subs, but I am very happy with Binance. I also have an acct in Poloniex (terrible), Cryptopia (awkward), and Kucoin (still exploring).


I like the coin selection and the charts. They have tools & can be shrunk or expanded (like tradingview).
What I don’t like is the need for verification to send out funds (paperwork galore). Who likes to scan their driver’s license or passport onto the internet ? A huge minus for bittrex IMO.
Binance lets people take out up to 2 BTC a day without having to give up tons of personal info.Some other exchanges are even better than that as there are no withdrawal limits.
Also, bittrex exchange fees are higher than a lot of other exchanges.
Still, it’s a great platform but I don’t go often.

My 2 satoshis


Initially I was halted from using bittrex, too many new sign ups at once i suppose but i finally got through. Thanks for the video helped a lot especially with setting up the ip address and withdrawal address. tried to buy a coin along with your video and definitely put (-1) less zero than i was supposed to…got filled immediately smh welp valuable lesson copy and paste next time for me!!! :persevere: #survive


Another great vid. However, I am Captain Slow in terms of exchanges and Alt coins. I feel I need to learn more before dabbling in anything other than Coinfloor (UK) and BTC.

This is partly because I don’t trust myself not to throw money at the next Big Thing in a moment of craziness…

Must do some research first and choose my moment…


I’ve been using Binance, Bittrex seems easier to navigate and looks cleaner, and has some features that seem absent with Binance, and is set up way easier. Binance stresses me out, especially to move money in and out. I might look into using Bittrex.


It looks easy to use, right now I use yobit.


https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003463331 :point_left:t3: I’ve been seeing this for weeks now and who the hell is Bill? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Ive checked their Twitter nothing on the update. Thanks for the video Peter but I guess that was back in september when their traffic was no where near now.

I am using Binance at the moment and everything seems to be okay so far :ok_hand:t3:


Great walkthrough! Thanks. I use binance, but cool to see other options.


Thanks for the walkthrough! Wish I knew you existed in mid December because I completely jacked up my first trade on Bittrex. Now I am stuck with a coin I have little faith in. I only put in a very small amount so it wasn’t a horrible experience but a good learning experience.


Bittrex is cool! seems like a lot of people are using it


Thanks for the walkthrough!! I have had an account with Bittrex for a while now and never could find the trading platform ended up on Binance. It works and i’m use to it now. Maybe i’ll check our Bittrex again sometime.


Well when I tried to sign up a few weeks ago it was down due to the flood of people. Haven’t been able to get on unfortunately.


I think Bittrex was the first big exchange I tried, after transferring fiat via Kraken. It looked a bit confusing with the minimal design, but I eventually figured it out. I stopped using it because of the high withdrawal fees and some random negative comments I read here on the Pub. I’ve mostly been using Binance since. Great video as always. :+1:


Unfortunately this is my first experience with Bittrex. While I’ve heard about it a ton via podcasts and on the pub, I’m not able to open an account with the December flood that happened.

I’ll keep and eye on this for sure. I’m curious @peter from a security standpoint, do you guys use more than one email address for these account verifications and backups? I feel like having a dedicated email is both secure AND super dicey if it ever got in the wrong hands.

Thanks again for the super informative vids!


Multi-emails are king. It’s just an administrative nightmare.