#b90x - DAY 15 - BITTREX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial



Thank you for this video! Your patience for us newbies is fantastic. I have seen the settings page several times and never understood what a whitelist was. You are the only one I’ve seen explain it. Thank you! I will definitely utilize this feature next time I sign in. I’m going to share this video with my girlfriends that are also learning to trade. I’m loving this B90X series, I’m no longer intimidated. But, it’s far from over! Lol.


Again, another exchange I’m stuck with “verification processing” haha. Oh well, at least the account will be good to when it does get approved.

Darcy C


Another very informative tutorial to put in my tool kit. Eventually, I’ll use Bittrex after I get my 1BTC and become more proficient with different exchanges and Alt Coins. Keep up the great work in informing/educating the CryptoNation.


Good to know Peter! Thank you for this! Will have to rewatch a few times! Great Tutorial! I’m Currently using Binance for a few coins.


Great stuff Peter. Thanks for the info! :beers:


Newbie Question. I see the string of numbers and letters of my iP address. And I see 4 boxes on Bittrex in which to enter them. How do I enter the address? Where would I make the breaks to enter into each box. This may be instinctual to you, but not to me. Thanks for the help. And, would my IP address be different on my phone? Can you please show this step in more detail please. It won’t let me enter anything but numbers.


it looks very simple to use. I had started on Binance already. but this has a very similar lay out. it does have a little more security be hind it that Binance doesn’t have like the ip white list and the wallet white list. ill use this one too.


Great selection and simple interface


I was not able to us BITTREX because of the overwhelming request for accounts a few months back. Maybe I will go back and try again.


Haven’t had the pleasure to be invited to the exchange. WHEN BINANCE? :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, I love personal security and did not utilize IP whitelisting before. I will re evaluate my settings.


“Let’s buy some doge coin. You never have enough doge coin!”


Thank you I did not know adding an IP Whitelist was available. I will have my family update their accounts as well!


Appreciate the info brah.
I realized I have soo many accounts on different exchanges. Most of exchanges are kinda slow or buggy but so far binance hasn’t failed me yet. #anotherday #anothertrade :bch::bitrocket:


Turn back the clock to when you made this video for us!!! LMAO

2 factor authentication Very important


Another great walkthrough! Really wish i had started my cryptolife when you made this video though! Don’t have a bittrex account but have been using binance for a few months, seems like they are pretty similar in what they offer.


Done! I’ll only use it if there’s a Bittrex-only coin. Thank you!


Hi there,

I’m confused. i’m doing this form australia so it may be different i do not know.

So i have mu coinspot account and a Coinable account (this suck as i cannot see my coins form coinable, locked down. fuckers.)

What do i need both Exodus and bitrex? I have my coins in coinspot. will this not be enough? Any tips would be great ladies and gent

Thanks again peter love your work:grin:


I like that Bittrex has a multiplicity of coins. Cumbersome to move around the site, not use friendly.

What criteria does Bittrex use to add or drop coins?
Have they had any thefts or breakins?

Another easy day as I already spent much time figuring this out in the past.

Day 15 – is history. Buy a Bitcoin and hodl it. :pig2::pig2:


I had this one done in the past. What I’m curious about is the White Pages, or I should say considered. What if I have a computer crash so bad I had to get a new computer and I get a new IP address will I be able to figure out how to access my accounts?