#b90x - DAY 15 - BITTREX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial



Shouldn’t be a problem.
Same when you connect with other devices, system will just send you e-mail with link to confirm your new IP


I have a bittrex account but haven’t used it in a long time. I primarily use binance.


I came late to the game so Binance is my go to. Just goes to show what that have done to change the game. Im sure Bittrex has changed in the past few months but the way that exchanges look now pssssshhhhh lol. It puts this old version to shame.


I never got bittrex first time around, I used (and still use binance). Still didnt get it this time.(realized I never posted this yesterday)


Still never signed up for Bittrex. I should just to see how more exchange UI are gonna get rekt by Yen lol.


I got it first time around, used it sparingly, and am not the biggest fan. Plus I’m a verified user on it, from my early ignorant days, so all my activity is probably reported to Uncle Sam, hurrah.


Still no Bittrex for me.


I believe Bittrex will survive!


I have Bittrex, Binance, and Kucoin. If i cannot find what I am looking for there, I’ll I will find an exchange that does, and get the account. Though, I most likely will ask the pub about credibility of any new exchanges. They all have similar ways of doing things, so after getting account at one place, it starts to get run-of-the-mill.


For the longest time bittrex was off limits to me. they had a ban on new accounts. I finally got in months later. I also use coinbase, kucoin, and binance now


Been playing with Bittrex for the past few weeks getting us some Doge. However I’m doing most my buys/trading on Binance. :grin:


Thank you for these walk throughs, I have picked up a few altcoins for practice and look forward to success in the future as I learn to identify strong opportunities and accumulate my first bitcoin.


Thanks Peter, appreciate the walk through, never used this exchange… might try it out…



The best thing about doing B90x is seeing how bad Peter sucked back then :joy:. It makes me feel better every day. Jk jk.


Never used bittrex probably never will unless gets on Yen.io lol. Everything I need is at Yen.io


I used Bittrex in the past but now I use binance


Haven’t used Bitrex in a while, every time I go to check it out the UI is still meh. No great updates getting me back on there.


I agree, most folks right now use Binance only.