#b90x - DAY 16 - COINPUFFS.com - A Simple Tool



Thanks man. I knew I’d make a mistake somewhere!


Nice! I’m not an “old hand” at identifying markets and associating them with countries. Do you have a crossreference for the markets?


I’ve been using coinmarketcap for a while but never came across the biggest gainers/losers before, that’s certainly a nice feature.

I like coinmarketcap because it aggregates data from all the exchanges and it’s very useful for checking the average price of a coin after it is listed on an exchange (e.g. checking BCH price on other exchanges once it was listed on coinbase).


Yeh. Kinda need to change this to coinpuffs.com now… LOL!


Yes, should update/promote your own website… I was actually going to say, there’s a new (and better) website called coinpuffs.com, maybe you’ve heard of it? :wink: S/o to coinpuffs, the better choice in crypto market info.
Anyways looking back to Day 14 - Using GDAX, man that information couldn’t have came at a better time with what happened in the market today, I took a little hit but will bounce back. I was able to transfer what BCH I had and convert it into LTC in the wee hours of the morning, no fees and at an okay price exiting BCH and even better price entering LTC. I’m more confident in LTC on the bounce back, today was just one of those days. Prices :arrow_down:️25%-33% around the major crypto currencies, but thanks to B90X I know it’s just a short term phase and WILL CONTINUE TO HODL STRONG TO THE MOON!! :roller_coaster::rocket:


Does anyone know any other options other than Bittrex that they like using? Thanks.


Cryptopia used to me a nice place for tokens like POWR. Now, I strictly trade on Binance, current home of ICX


Yeh. All good. Had to do this before Puffs was out!


Forget CMC. Give me my puffs baby! Coinpuffs gives me a better interface, more relevant info and is more accurate.


Yes. I should probably update this to coinpuffs.com :slight_smile:


Loving those coinpuffs in the morning haha. What i like most (outside of the clean interface) is that I know the content creator. This makes me get a sense of added gratification that I can support those who are supporting me. I also really like the featured coin section, i think it allows people to get an idea of what coins you like at a glance and do research into those coins and even into their competitor coins to see what differences there are so we can continue to understand what sets these different altcoins a part and why an advanced investor like you likes them over the others.


I love how I can access a metric fuckton of info when I click on the coin.
Markets, charts, official website, announcements, etc…


loving coinpuffs.com

 Constantly checking every morning!



This video was very informative and I’m learned a little bit more about research, I liked the description that you get about the coins on coinpuffs.


Made me think of this from my childhood…with a minor edit lol. Also, how does a coin qualify as “featured” on coinpuffs?



Featured are coins I’m hodl in 2018


Yep happy to say ive been using coinpuffs consistenly even before seeing Day 16 :grin: Interface is just so clean and the ability to edit lines etc on the charts is a nice feature. I’ve pretty much got :icx: @coinpuffs open daily on my tabs :joy:

Dogelord regarding the Winner/Losers do you update the top 5 daily and just stick to the top 5, or is there a list like at CMC that I haven’t seen yet?


Love me some Coinpuffs every morning for a balanced diet.


I like the site, same info as CoinMarketCap.