#b90x - DAY 16 - COINPUFFS.com - A Simple Tool



I don’t believe it’s the same info, coinmarketcap removed the entire eastern market a month ago due to bans and regulations and I don’t know if they ever put it back on. I use both of these as well as check against the charts on the exchanges I use before trading anything for an accurate veiw.


I like the site as it gives me more items for my crypto tool box. Easy to use and navigate.


I’m liking coinpuffs more and more as I peruse the site. The UI is a lot more fluid and in my opinion looks a lot better than coinmarketcap. Thanks again for making it guys!

Just a heads up that the SolarCoin website link is broken a little. Brings you to the site, but I get a “cannot be displayed error” within the main frame on the link.


I like the ability to compare coins, and it’s nice that it has a lot more coins than CMC, some more humorous than others. One function I haven’t seen yet, maybe it’s there but I missed it, is the ability to see all the different markets a coin is trading on. Sometimes it’s hard to know where a coin is available to purchase.


Always thought CMC was rigged.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Great insights.


I’ll pay more attention next time I check CMC, I didn’t know what the other tabs meant. I like Coinpuffs, I’ve been going there too. I’d like to know more about why market cap and volume are important.


we cover a few of those things here:


Another great tutorial. I don’t quit comprehend how the Supply, Volume, and Market Cap tie in together. I’ll be doing research to better understand this.

Question: In Coinpuffs, there is a Buy and Sell button to buy specific coins that leads to Changelly. Does Peter/CryptoNation prefer using this exchange?


No. This is just an experiment to see if folks will use CoinPuffs as a place to exchange. We’d like to build our own… tbh…

not to say that too loudly though…


Sweet! Coinpuffs will be a “One Stop Shop.” John, thanks for the quick feedback.


Excellent! Didn’t think about %gainers and losers at all with Crypto and I use an research for Day Trading stocks! Duh!!! LOL


Thank you! now we are talking the stuff I am looking for :slight_smile: I check varies info now:

10 Yr Tnote
Gold Price
Stock Index
CoinMarketCap CoinPuffs & BitInfoCharts


I only recently discovered the Gainers and Losers section. Wish I had found your videos sooner! Add that to the already giant pile of crypto things I wish I knew sooner… lol


Thanks for the idea for looking at losers. I looked at gainers and did not find ti helpful.

As for coinpuffs there should be ability to save preferred view in btc prices.

There is also a wonderful site https://coincheckup.com/ . There is a huge features list including filtering.


I would love a candle option, Market dominance, Exchanges that It is listed on also having the option to look at 1 1moth % change, 2 week % change and 1 Day % change on the main page or optional sorting.

It would also be awesome if there was a gold or S&P comparison you could throw in there for reference

Great program John and Pedah! You guys really build some great platforms with the best UI. Cant wait to see where you guys take this!


I enjoy how easy on the eyes coinpuffs.com is, seriously it’s gorgeous. What I like the most about coinpuff is the ease of use. Coinpuffs does not try to intimidate the user by displaying too much information; it invites users to learn more.


CMC is not pretty, but it works. The only issue is the “false” data that can happen, since computers make mistakes… API’s are a tricky thing!

I love coinpuffs though, looks friendly and inviting to use! How accurate are the currency count?

Let me know if you need any further testing or developing! :slight_smile:


It’s nice that Coinpuffs actually represents the total crypto currency market. I did not realize until recently that CoinMarketCap excludes the Korean market from its algorithm. Unbelievable.


I like that coinpuffs is unbiased and lists all coins. First time I’ve had puffs for breakfast in… +20 years!!!