#b90x - DAY 16 - COINPUFFS.com - A Simple Tool



Coinpuff.com bringing us nothing put pure data so we can make up our own damn minds. Keep up the grind team.


@kimchi never used bituniverse… need to check it out


I always use multiple points of data when making my decisions its great that coinpuffs is made here


Am so happy and grateful i joined this community. thanks Cryptonations


I really like the look and feel of Coinpuffs! Though this video is informative about CMC, after playing with both, I will have to agree with prior post that #b90x16 needs to be updated to Coinpuffs. :grin:


Gotta start the day with the Coinpuffs. Always cool seeing the coin market expanding



Is it okay that I don’t check the market price every day? Is that normal? I just don’t worry about it. Buy what I want. Hodl. :muscle:


https://coinpuffs.com/ https://coinmarketcap.com/ and https://www.coingecko.com/


Thanks for the updates


Got to get those daily coin puffs in.


Thanks dodgelord this was a good refresher.


and you did Sir! I was thinking a lot in the past why Coin Puffs being born… The main reason why I think is that CMC started to delist Korean exchanges and hide potential of kimchi premium… possible…