#b90x - DAY 17 - Technical Analysis 101 - Starting with Candles!



I’ve always been impressed with the awesome charting power of Trading View. If you use Bittrex exchange, check out this thread from one of our PUB members talking about a Chrome extension that allows you to incorporate Trading View Charting into your Bittrex page:


i was just looking to start experimenting with rsi and was having trouble getting bittrex to come up on tradingview. Keep getting bitstamp charts. Problem solved, this is awesome extension! Thanks for posting :slight_smile:




every time i clicked on it brings up bitstamp chart for some reason. no matter what exchange i chose, idono whats going on…


In the “Add Symbol” box type “BITTREX:” and it will bring up all the bittrex coins. The coin you select needs to have the exchange appended to the front of it in order to show specific exchange prices.


this is how i am selecting currently, is this the symbol box you are referring to? or the one top left when you actually select the chart? May need to start a new thread for this lol


Yes, but just type "BITTREX: " and it will only pull in bittrex coins


Don’t forget the colon :


the colon was missing link. Thanks!


Awesome! thank you so much for this! Not gonna lie tho, will need to watch this several times and also read the thread some more also to make it stick :smiley:


Cool ! this is new for me
I like the post about BTC to 6k on tradingview :star_struck:


Guys does anybody know how to pan the chart up or down in Tradingview? It is really annoying me extremely that by going to the 1 minute level, there is no way to see upcoming resistance levels up and down, so i have to zoom to a higher level (30 mins, 1 h) to see the levels, which adds inprecision.


I’m curious why you want to go to lower than 30 minutes.


i’m making a lot of entries per hour, closely following the price movement.
As to the question, any idea how to move the chart? I mean the same would apply when on 30 minutes view, or even daily to some extend


Nice video Peter, I’m looking forward to learning more about technical analysis.


Glad you’re here friend!


Hi @RuckBogers

You have to turn off “auto” :slight_smile: it makes easier to move the chart.


Wow, I am so glad we are getting into this! I have a Coinigy account that I use for analysis and trading. Love it, and I spend alot of time trying to deduce some of these concepts.
Glad to be part of this community, really boosting my knowledge base.

Thanks team!


Thanks peter! really helped


You are very welcome! Stick with the program!