#b90x - DAY 17 - Technical Analysis 101 - Starting with Candles!



Another bite size chunk down. Candlestick charts are pretty damn cool. Who would of thought you could fit so much information in one simple shape. Looking forward to learning more about these charts.


Super interesting & informative.
It’s funny i always have watched these candles but never really thought to look at what they meant or the reasoning behind them.

I don’t day trade or look for entry points, i just buy that shit at cost as i’m in for the hold game.

I’m going to give this a go for the next coin I look at investing into though for a good entry point.


ty, for this @peter, learned something new today.


Fantastic video. Gonna be honest as noob gonna have to watch this video a couple hundred more times to really get this to stick. Lovin b90 x things are getting juicy! :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


Thanks for the video! I learned a lot about candlestick charting from Steve Nison’s book on candlestick charting. Who knew you could derive so much info from a quick glance at the candles. Before i learned about candles i would only be looking at line charts, what a difference the candles makes :sunglasses:


I so wish I had these lessons when I started to learn about trading. This is a very “easy to absorb” approach to teaching the significance and mechanics of candles. Thanks!


Very useful information. Thanks Peta! My only issue is limiting myself to 1 video per day. I’m soaking this stuff like a sponge and am too excited to stick to 1 B90X lesson per day.


if you can help it… limit yourself to one a day, or you’ll short-cut to the end and not gain the discipline required.


Knowing my weakness is step #1 to getting it under control. I’ll work on it. Thanks for the reminder :+1:t4::grinning:


Love these videos & how you break things down so that anyone can understand. I recommend them to everyone that asks me about crypto.


Still loving B90X. Signed up to uk.tradingview, interesting to see the Jan bloodbath in more detail :joy: looking forward to learning more…


Thanks, P. I’ve been wanting to go on TradingView for a while, but this is just the push I need to start being able to understand more TA. I wonder if though big whales will use some trader’s TA against them, meaning that they can manipulate the market to make it look like it’s going a particular way, and so misleading those who place much importance on TA?


Excellent explanation. I have been doing my trading with the graphs inside my exchange account. Looking to open a tradeview account.


I didn’t go on trading view till after I saw this. Thank you for your video it was very helpful.


Must go through the rest!


One of my favorites :slight_smile: This was one of the first videos of yours that I watched when I was like “huhhhhh??? What is all of this red and green nonsense.” No longer scared and intimidated. :muscle:t3: In fact, I’ve been able to educate others who have come to me and been like “I look at these charts and I just want to close my computer and give up.” Thanks Peter!


Bring people in! Woo hoo!


All the time! You should see my Instagram stories…I’m basically pumping the pub 24/7 hehehheh.


Did you add yours to this list?


Oh sweet! Will do now :blush: