#b90x - DAY 17 - Technical Analysis 101 - Starting with Candles!



Had to spend 2 Days on this one just to really reinforce the information here. Found this beginner technical Analysis really helpful to start with!

Played around on Trading view with BTC shifting between 30 minute and 1 day, and it feels good to be able to actually view the charts and come out with an understanding now in contrast to before.

Still need to wrap my head around identifying the resistance and support lines, and spotting consolidation patterns but im sure we’ll be seeing more of this in the upcoming B90X so looking forward to it.

Thanks Dogelord :beers:


I don’t day trade but I do find that it is important to find the right point to buy and right point to sell. This video really was good in that the common terminologies used for trading is clarified.


Please Lord give me a strong hand so I won’t burn my fingers on these candles. Amen :pray:


what are common insights that can be drawn from analyzing candlestick activity?


Price action during the session.


Great info, I’ve been waiting for this. There’s so much I need to learn about analysis. I’ll make sure to dig around in the charts on tradingview and practice what you mentioned.


Thanks for this - I can finally read candles and have a decent idea of what they mean.


@peter Is there any way to change between different time intervals (ie from 1 day to 1 hour) without the graph resetting to today’s date? I am trying to look at the huge rise in price back in 2013, but when I get to the right place it just jumps to 2018 when I change time interval. If I use 1 hour from the start I can’t get past 2017-01-01.


Thanks for the video - I have been doing some of my own trades (and using signals as well) and the best way I have found to learn all of this is to go out and do it. Below is an example of a trade I did less than 15 minutes of posting this reply.

BTW, I have been aiming for 2-4% gains on most of my trades. Is that too conservative for a newbie?

Darcy C


Anything above 0 is pretty solid to me :slight_smile:


I looked on youtube trying to figure candles out and this is prolly the easiest explanation I’ve found.


Now I am getting excited! All this high speed technical stuff. I have a long road to travel and am glad to have B90X to guide me. Now to figure how to bring back the Candle display on Trading View. I fat fingered something and the Candles on my Trading View went away. I just need time to figure it out, no luck with Google so far. lol.


Charts. This is where I get intimidated again. I’m thankful that you break this down into bite size peices. I will watch day 17 again tomorrow so it sinks in and I truly grasp it.


Great walkthrough! My first couple months in crypto, I think I dreamed in candles… lol. It is amazing how even just after a few months, reading charts and making some assumptions about price action happens with a quick look where before I often really struggled or feared I was making bad decisions. I’ve got a few scars from that first month, but I feel way more confident now in my decisions.


Time heals. Time also allows one to learn. Keep it up! Let’s get it!


Time heals. Time also allows one to learn. Keep it up! Let’s get it!


Thanks Peter! I agree. I view those LTC scars fondly…hehe. With any new venture or learning experience, there is a cost to make meaningful progress. I don’t get too down about the mistakes I’ve made and likely still will make. I view them as the cost of knowledge. I do hope (believe) that knowledge will increasingly allow me to make less mistakes. :smiley:


A few days behind on posting what I have watched, but this series has been very helpful for me. Before entering the crypto space I had exactly zero ideas on how the markets worked. I had a reasonable guess, but when spending your hard earned money it would be better to act on more than a guess.


Excellent Refresher! Great information right here! Now lets get Technical!!! :grin:


this is great info for noobs. this takes a while to get use to.