#b90x - DAY 17 - Technical Analysis 101 - Starting with Candles!



Finally, I have a better understanding of candles! I spent about an extra hour researching today’s lesson… Feeling good right now.


Charts are my one weakness! I can understand other technical aspects of blockchain, but TA is usually where I mess things up prior to trading.

So… if a wick/tail is not seen on a candle then that means…?

Basically a candle is the trade volume happening within a period time, right (some time/day interval)?

Thanks for all the information!


Great video. Looking forward to learning more.:chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:


Yoo. Great I love it. Can’t wait tomorrow, more candles.


Upgrading candle skills


It was all a lesson for me. Great job of not going too far in the weeds on the first TA vid. :slight_smile: Looking forward to moar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Guys,
Quick question, so you always hear, “buy low, sell high” but when is low exactly? Is the best time to get in or buy some more coins to stach after a big red candle? or after a couple of red candles? As a noob, I would really appreciate it if people shared their when “buying low” means or what’s your trigger to say, I gotta buy NOW.

Great video like always. Definitely learning something new eryyyday.


Back to the chart basics​:man_technologist::pencil2:️:notebook::chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:

This series’s is really good for learning Technical Analysis


Find this charting video really interesting. There are a heap of ‘learn to read charts’ videos about but this one takes the cake!
Its funny, i think when you start trading and see candlesticks, you can sort of make sense of them without knowing any technical terms or truly what they mean. The information from this video really drives home the point that there is a lot more to candlesticks and charts than what you see on the surface. Thanks again for another great vid!


Charting 101, always good going back to basics and reinforcing tacit knowledge. Let the learning continue!


Just got back from an awesome vacation with the family. Feeling rusty and excited to get back into my B90X. This is a great place to jump back in & with BTC at another low for this year ($6700) and lotsa fiat on hand. I am feeling AWESOME!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!


Thanks for passing on to us the TradingView.com sight….and it’s free.
Been looking for some good market graphics to examine cryptos.
Again, great presentation.

DAY 17 – _HODL by candlelight_t…… next lesson


I’m set up with Tradeview now. I’ve studied candles before when studying stocks. I love the fact that you can draw on the chart, then, when changing the time scale, the drawing adapts to new scale. That is something very cool.


Very helpful…Even though I’m nearing a year in crypto I have yet to spend much time learning charting.


I think with the addition of more traditional investors and traders, the charts are starting to follow a little more of the patterns and indicators. What is everyone’s take on the evolution of TA?


Wow this stuff is great. Yesterday I was going to FOMO in at 7,500 because we been sitting here for the past two days. I see that we have been getting rejected going any higher so I held to my guts and watched on trading view for a more accurate look. Now we are having a small flash crash and i’m glad I was able to read the candles properly.


My previous run through I learned the candles but failed to execute the homework and learn the TA. Great intro course! I look forward to dedicating a timebox for this.


i do like the trade view. Does anyone know the time delays on the graphs. Just want to be able to think with it properly. If I had the extra doubloons, I would upgrade this sight, very nice that it is free. lots of information here.


Love the video. The first time I did B90x the TA video’s were difficult for me to follow. Because I had a concussion. But now I’m ready for all the knowledge the coming days.


Favorite note taking part of B90X