#b90x - DAY 18 - Technical Analysis 101 - Candlestick Shadows



Red candles show the price action and remember, the red candles mean that there was more selling pressure than buying pressure at the end of the session.

The candle SIZE is just the fluctuation of the market prices within that time window (say 30min or 1hr).

Lower shadow shows how low the price went during the session, with buyers buying up the lower prices. LONGER lower shadow = more sellers

The LONGER then shadow, the MORE volatility in the session.


Great video. Gonna have to sit down one weekend I’m off and rewatch all these TA vids.


I get it now. Thanks!


I’m a believer in the Hodl (long-term investing), but this info helps to slow things down instead of just making uncalculated decisions when making trades. What I take away from this, simply put is: Patience. Don’t just jump in or out until you get a good feel for what’s in store. Especially in crypto, the market moves fast and it can be overwhelming if you aren’t used to this market. Slow it down and make an assessment, the price action fluctuates constantly, so choose a target price, stay aware and take the offensive (when possible). Try not to get caught up with emotion in trading.


Peter, #b90x is the bomb! Thanks for all the work you put in.


love it, #B90X is out here changing lives :hugs: much obliged!


Thanks Peter! This is great content!


Can’t believe how far you’ve taken this course at only 20% of its completion. B90X is a must for anyone wanting to get into crypto !


Yep! Giving it all away for free.


Another great lesson explaining Technical Analysis theory with respect to 30min candles

However, something about all this doesn’t sit right with me (I am a noob so possibly just my skeptical nature)

It really feels like this could be fitting a narrative to past price action as a way of getting overly confident in predicting future price action

Maybe its just easier for me to consider price movement as too chaotic to predict reliably

Simplistically I believe there is a good chance of Bitcoin gaining in value in the long term and more importantly I love the idea of decentralised money

I have bought some BTC, intend to DCA more & look for opportunities to buy the dip (which will be a guess), and most importantly HODL for the long long term…


I’m learning more everyday, thanks a lot for these lessons


Great stuff Peter! Going to need to watch this one a few times to really internalize it. Get that muscle memory!


after a third go round google up inside bars and watch out for candles with no shadow into the close,they are really strong candles imho.all the best.


@peter megaman cpu is frying… :exploding_head: extremely useful information for beginners like me though!


Great stuff! Analyzed some tradingview charts today.


Was working on my BTC chart on tradingview to upload it here and all of a sudden all my diagrams, notes disappeared :disappointed_relieved: Oh well a good reason to start over and reanalyze the charts!

Definitely been taking my time these past few days with the TA videos, as this really is a lot to sink in, going to break down the TA days into separate sessions and go over them multiple times.

Thank you for this Dogelord :beers: I know this is going to make me a better future trader


That’s the hope! Stay the course during these rocky times!


Will do Sir :muscle:t3: Holding strong during this Fire sale :joy:


so I understand that longer upper shadows signify a buyer-dominant session, and that longer lower shadows signify a seller-dominant session, but how can a buyer-dominant session lead to a lower close, and a seller-dominant session lead to a higher close?


It just means there was buying pressure but selling pressure won out the session