#b90x - DAY 18 - Technical Analysis 101 - Candlestick Shadows



Thank you Sir for today’s B90X. I have a question, why 30 min chart?
What do you recommend for swing trading?


My man, thanks again brotha it soaks in more and more every time I watch it. :wink:


Muchas gracias!
Another day, another lesson!


Great lesson again. Took a little bit of time to wrap my head around buyers forcing the price up and sellers forcing the price down. Makes total sense once you realise that buyers will buy something for more when it seems scarce and sellers will sell things for less when it seems like they have too much.


Phenomenal wick and shadow explanation and the trending patterns behind them!


Thnx 4 sharing your knowledge bro!


Thanks for link to BP


You and me both bamse. I’d be up 50% instead of down 50%.


Enjoying our expansion of knowledge about the technical.
Good stuff.

Day 18 - My shadow length is getting long here, so I’d better get a good shave and move on to the next lesson.

HODL it… in your piggy bank :pig2::pig2:


Good Vid. I get the candles, I see the story they tell. Its the forecasting the future part that I get hung up on. I expect that future lessons will help with this… Eager to learn. I want to be smart about when the best point to enter and exit.


This was really helpful. I learned a lot!


Yea, this will take me a while to get a hang of.


Good refresh, been looking at more charts when I can. (Posted a day late as I forgot. Making sure I do this though and stick with it.)


No problem, I highly recommend baby pips for starting out. I’ve gone well and truly down the TA rabbit hole now, you can get candles with volume density profiles on tensor charts :exploding_head:


I remember the first time I watched this is when I realized what the wick was for, It was and still is very helpful.:rocket:


Have used those shadows/wicks a couple of times for some nice gains, doesn’t always work but I trade with small amounts mostly for practice. So that when I have some big money I could do some swings and make nice profits.


I absolutely love watching these ta videos. they aren’t just for the noobs. brush up and stay on top. this market moves fast.


I agree with you brother. Amazing content!


I need to go deeper with candles, I’m disappointed of myself. It’s not just watched and marked as done.

I need give more focus to B90X!


y’all need to remember that there are a lot of resources out there for candlesticks.