#b90x - DAY 18 - Technical Analysis 101 - Candlestick Shadows



Its facinating how much can be fortold from the wicks


Simple illustration and to the point bro … cheers


I’ve rewatched this 3 times and for some reason my noob brain is not grasping the wick/shadows. Are the wick/shadows actual transactions/trades or are they just set limits that haven’t been filled? If they are the actual trades why are they not part of the open and close of the candle? What is it that I’m missing or not understanding? :thinking:


it’s the point the price reached during the time frame of the candle but did not open or close at that price. Watch a lower time frame chart live for a little bit, you will get it. Also watching the order book on gdax or any exchange along with the chart should help you to see what’s going on.


Thank you! I’ll do that! :grin:


Definitely need to practice. Feel like with htis knowledge I will better be able to separate FUD from fact.



This stuff makes my :brain: hurt. I’m hanging in there though :woman_facepalming:


Got to use all the tools to be successful, including them wicks.


my simple assumptions, where the trend of BTC/GBP will go. I’m learning