#b90x - DAY 19 - Technical Analysis 101 - Spinning Tops and Doji?



I’ve been watching VEN really closely on a different exchange (COSS.io). Their charts are powered by TradingView, so it is pretty cool to jump right in and understand now in more depth about the trading actions.


Great video. I’ll be taking a close look for these in the future.:chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::eyes:


Upgrading candlestick archetype skills :white_check_mark:


More technical analysis and doji as a market taking a breath.


Everyone knows my favorite :slight_smile: We kind of had a spinning top at 9:45 this morning and we’re off to the races :slight_smile:


Man, the second time around is better! Last time I was doing B90X I stopped here because life was crazy! However, I never quit because I started working with a few other patrons from scratch… and man is it worth it! My first time around we were in a bear market, and now most projects are mooning. So I have been able to study spinning Tops and Doji in both markets. How you like them apples?


This is what I was asking the other day! :smiley:

Like always, muchas graciass!


I like Pickle Ricks (Ricks).
Ultra higly speculative coin that suits my risk appetite
Nevertheless i (personally) see a nicely readable uptrend.



Our platform GoCharting provides an ability to identify 25 candle stick patterns including Doji, Hammer etc. out of the gate. We are also interested in adding new patterns based on the interest level of the community. Hope this helps … go crypto


Great vid. Its interesting to watch the action of a coin over a few days to see a coin is doing. Really helps to unpack the information of shadows, dojis, spinning tops, etc and put it into context. Something i wish i had a few months back!


Spinning Tops & Doji’s = indecision in the market… watch for the next two to three sessions to confirm direction… check!


I’m an LTC coin fan and actually hope for another month or two of depressed prices. Lol. Yeah, selfish, I know, but I think I’m gonna get my wish.
I noted that todays prices for LTC are about the same as Sept and Nov 2017, but not as much volume. Waiting for the masses to show up.
We are learning beaucoup analysis stuff here Peter. Thanks.

DAY 19 – My head is spinning :cyclone: right down to my Dogi.
Firmly planted on earth :earth_americas:
_ and searching for a trip to the moon._:rocket:


This is very interesting. I went to ETH chart on Tradingview. took the chart back a couple of months and then started slowly going forward in time and looking for spinning tops and Dojis. When they cam up, (quite often) i observed a couple of sessions and then made a decision, buy/sell? I’d say about 75% of the time, I made the right call. I can see how this is truly a useful tool. I see now how day traders try to make a go of it. (not something I really want to step into). what I truly want to do is make some money trading, to pay for hardware so I can step into mining. I expect mining is where $ can be made so I can have fun speculating.


Even the smallest indicators are powerful!


I’m getting more and more value from B90X in every video. I’m kicking myself in the ass for not completing B90X when I first started in December.


I had the same, but also decided that, I need to go through it, and now thinking about going once again.

Keep posting


Just as @delirium_igniter said, the second time is better. First time through we were on a decline, but now since we’ve had this little bump have some new(style) charts to tinker with


I follow like 8 coins and 1 stock that i bought into a year ago, I opened a trading view account and take 5 min every morning and evening to process this spinning world. I have been doing this for the last 9 months or so and peter is absolutely right you have to familiarize yourself in what your interested in as well as a few projects that you have nothing invested in. It gives you a view from a wider lens as time goes by.


Since my first time, I have stayed the course and continued to do TA on my main coins. Some coins do behave similar to BTC, but others I still can’t understand.


Same here brotha, We learning all the time.
I believe over time and constantly learning we will get more grits on those!