#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



Today’s principle is simple, I actually spoke of it during my Roll Call… but let’s get some better and wider feedback here:

"What direction are you facing?"
Where you are facing is where you’ll go. The direction you’re going, is where you’ll face.

We know this to be intrinsically true.
ALL of you, every single one of you, the reason you are here today is because you decided (maybe years ago), to face a certain direction.

And. Boom! You’re here! Aren’t you?

I’d love for you guys to share below, where are you facing? Where are you going? What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?
How can we keep you accountable?


Figured I'd throw XEL out there

Well, it’s probably not an easy answer, but to be short, I’m trying to learn a lot about the crypto world, and I know nothing to be honest, but I know that step by step I will be able to learn always more. Which direction I’ll go is a bit harder to predict, but I think I’m on the right way to reach my goals. When, is still a question, but if the direction is the right one, I’ll be able to reach them.

(Is it understandable? I hope so :smiley:)


What behaviors today will get you where you’re going?

This is entirely true.

Every single day I make small deposits, investments, in very specific areas, some of which are explicitly helping me reach my goals and there are many (too many probably) things that I do every single day that are antithetical to my goals.

My hope is to train (and retrain) my mind and my behavior towards these new objectives. It’s just a simple and powerful principle for life.

Things that I’m doing now that I haven’t been doing previously (as it relates to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency) is making a daily habit of investing in learning new material as it relates to those things.

  • Reading news and technical articles
  • Reading the wisdom from The Pub Community Members

But I can do more… much more!


Well, if you step on to a escalator and turn around you are facing a different direction than you are going :troll:

other than that.

  1. learning more on what kind of stuff I can do without in my everyday life so I can invest more
  2. Developing more understanding for the markets by studying and researching coins.
  3. Trying to learn better ways to explain the technology and it’s uses to others.


I decided a couple years ago that I needed a supplement stream of income in case of some sort of financial crisis happen. Been working to build a side gig and to financial freedom while working a regular job. Everyday, I’ve been reading crypto news and reading charts to learn more. I’ve even consolidated most of my savings from my Roth IRA and Regular Savings account to go into crypto currencies. And to keep accountable, the daily roll call is great!


Well guys, I have the feeling that i start a full new journey … i like it to go deep into something, i made that in my past, and I wanna do that with this new exciting crypto-topic.
I have the feeling that I learn way more then just “trading” or make “money”…
Some of your points are forming a character, forming a mindset - and i like it.
As a side effect, i started to stop playing games, cause now im excited to spend my free time in Crypto-News, your Daily Youtube-Input etc.
My focus is to learn how to stay focused, learn how to point out the best decisions… and that is my focus, and thats my long way.


Where am I facing?

I believe I’m facing success. Why? Because I put in the effort and I believe in what I’m doing. I’ve been forcing myself to do things in the past that I did not believe and I almost always regretted it. This is not the case now. I can see this in the way I behave, the actions I take, the way I feel.

Even getting involved actively in this community is not usually what I would do and the reason I do it is because I believe it will help the community and myself as well. I learn something new and hopefully I also help others learn.

Like @Freubreu, I’ve also started spending all my free time researching, learning, teaching, etc…This rewards me. But hey, I’d also like to make some good investments and earn some money :slight_smile:


I’m facing the future for my family and future generations. I believe in the underlying principals from my youth on the abundance principal. I need to keep my emotions in check and counter to the swings. Stay the course and believe in the process day by day.


Working hard in construction
Raising my daughter as best I can
Saving/investing hard, stacking silver, buying Bitcoin and alts
Studying hard, starting year 3 of my psychology degree.

Goals - To live a very peaceful and prosperous life :grinning:


The past few weeks I have been researching and studying trading and cryptocurrencies trying to be a better trader/investor…I want to make a better future for my 1 year old daughter, so she does not have any money worries and can just enjoy life to the fullest.


For me, its all about making sure i create stability and security for my wife and my two boys ( 1 and 2 years old ) I want to make sure that i will do whatever i can to give them the best headstart in live possible. Cryptocurrency is hopefully my way to give them that financial stability. To give an extra income next to my salary.

Next to that… its just TOO DAMN FUN to be part of the bitcoin pub and check out the exchanges, making good calls and trying to get a hang of it all. LOVIN IT!


I’m looking for a direction that will help me reduce economic uncertainty. I’m employed and making good money, and my wife is, too. But we’re also helping to support my wife’s parents, our kids, and our grandkids. We’re trying to pay off some credit card debts so that we can quit living practically paycheck-to-paycheck.

I finally jumped into Bitcoin a couple of years ago. I floundered a little and made some dumb mistakes here and there, but managed to stay in the black and grow my account a bit. Not too long ago, I converted some of my BTC into ETH and LTC, and the timing was pretty good. So over the last two years, I’ve probably only sunk about $700 into cryptocurrencies, but my portfolio is currently worth somewhere around $6K. Mostly, that’s just the luck of buying in when things were relatively low, and the market having some good spikes since then.

So I’m hoping to learn a little more about strategies for recognizing the important inflection points and being able to tell the difference between a spike/drop that’s just a blip or more of a long-term trend.


Since I was 14 (I’m 19 now) - I’ve always wanted to be a business owner, my biggest dream is to execute on an idea of mine and make it enormously successfull. I gotta admit that I’ve already failed many times, lost lots of hard earned money. But I always try to learn from my mistakes (easier to say than actually do that) and then keep moving towards my goal.

But I gotta be honest with you – I sometimes have moments when I’m just too tired of everything and I just wanna give up. But those are the moments when you have to put in the work even more!!

PS for the past 3 months since I’m actively in the crypto space I’m starting to find it a bit harder to focus on my biggest goal. As I’m getting too caught up in the crypto space… I gotta find the right balance

PS2 Thank you for everything what you’re doing for us!! It means so much!!:facepunch:


It’s the moments when everything hurts… that’s when perseverance wins you the day

  1. where are you facing?
    Currently I am facing in three directions (if I’m allowed to say that).

i. Over the last 7 years of my life I’ve worked towards building a successful career as a film composer. I lived in Los Angeles for 3.5 of those years and during that time I built a network of clients, most of which I still work with regularly today. This is the first year in my film composing career in which I have consistently had work throughout the entire year. Not everything I work on is something I’m excited about, but I have finally reached a point where I have been actively creating a substantial portfolio and getting paid to do it!

ii. Another direction I am currently facing is in the way of being a music instructor. Back in February I accepted a position at a music school where I not only teach kids (and adults!) how to play guitar and piano, but also help them learn to play music with other people, and give them opportunities to perform out in the community as well as record in our in-house recording studio.

iii. The last direction I am facing is studying to become a licensed respiratory therapist. While working as a musician of the entertainment industry has been exciting and fulfilling in many ways, I have always felt a sense of guilt for not picking a career in which I am helping others. Ever since I was a teenager working at my first job, I have always been in the business of assisting or helping others from being someone who serves people meals in the food service industry to helping kids with special needs. Music has always been a creative outlet for me, and I’m sure I could certainly inspire someone through my work, but I wanted to do something where I could physically make a direct impact on another person’s life. I have also always had a general interest in the healthcare field. So after researching many different healthcare jobs I decided to study respiratory therapy, because the job duties included everything I was looking for in a healthcare job and I have a lot of great local resources to help me in my journey to becoming a licensed professional.

  1. Where are you going?

Many people I have spoken with think that I am trying to do too much and that I am spread too thin across all of the things I am doing, but I am driven and dedicated to all of them. I have somehow managed to make time for my 30hr a week job at the music school, write music for my freelance job, and maintain above a 3.25 GPA in school.

My hope/plan is to continue working at the music school until I finish my degree and become licensed as a respiratory therapist, and eventually cut back to only working there 1 day a week or resigning from my position there completely.

That said, as a film composer I hope that I am headed to work on bigger and better things. My dream would be to work on the score for a big budget independent feature film (90+ minutes) that has a powerful story that resonates with people all over the world. I would also love the opportunity to some day write the score for a video game.

  1. What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?

i. I make time in my weekly schedule to reach out to at least one of my former clients (who are usually also my friends) to see how they are doing and to see what they are working on. I also make quarterly trips out to LA to attend networking events and catch up with old industry friends. I am also looking to update my website sometime soon to include content from all of the wonderful projects I’ve been given the opportunity to work on this year.

ii. As a music instructor/coach I am ensuring that I am practicing my instruments more than I have in previous years to ensure that I am exhibiting the same behavior I require of my students. It would be hypocritical of me to ask them to practice if I don’t!

iii. As a respiratory therapist, I am working towards my goals currently by hitting the books hard and getting tutoring help when I need it.

  1. How can we keep you accountable?
    I am generally a pretty self motivated individual, but checking in here to stay up to date on my crypto investments has been a lot of fun and I enjoy having a community of people who are more knowledgable about this field to help me navigate crypto. Been a little bummed on crypto lately because I converted all of my ETH into NEO a couple of weeks ago and now am hurting because NEO dropped so dramatically and ETH is on a crazy run. Lesson learned though.

I would most like to be held accountable to grow in my knowledge of crypto. Even though it doesn’t assist me directly with any of my previously mentioned goals. I always love to learn more and it’s a fascinating space that I am very excited about. B90X is a great way to keep me accountable. If you see that I somehow miss a day of it send me a DM and let me know that I’ve fallen off track.


Sorry for the WoT…


For me I had the same questions & barriers roughly 3 years ago.

I was stuck in a boring Accounting job, doing the same things everyday, month after month, year after year and I thought I want to become a SAP Consultant - not only is the remuneration a lot beneficial, it is actually a lot more challenging and exciting. So I went on a journey to get myself the necessary skills during the weekends, which involved me travelling on a course 200 miles away for 6 months straight. I actively networked with the people who were already in the industry, asking for advice and tips. Took me roughly 2 years of painful interview processes, where I was rejected numerous times because I didn’t have the necessary client facing skill set (catch 22 - where are you going to gain these skills without the chance to showcase), to my current employer giving me the chance 6 months ago.

The direction now is still the same as it was 3 years ago, that is to become an accomplished consultant to benefit companies looking to streamline their IT solutions.


Thank you so much for your transparency and welcome to the command center. We look forward to seeing how you progress as a human!


Good to have u man. One of the first cryptonauts!


What kind of business do you want to start/own?

It took me several years to build the discipline to sit down and “show up to work” every day, but once you get in a groove and you get a taste of your own success, you’ll only get hungry for more. Just gotta teach yourself in the beginning when it’s time to grind and then reward yourself for doing that.

Also always find ways to work smarter rather than harder, but when you find a more time effective way to accomplish your tasks and goals, use that extra time in another way that helps you reach your goals.