#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



Financial freedom for my family is where we are heading. It has forced us to change the habits that got us here and continues to give us a peace of mind knowing we are moving in the right direction and everyday we are getting closer. This is also enhancing our understanding, as parents, of the world our children will be stepping into.


I am facing financial freedom and a better quality of life. I spend several hours a day researching and learning more about crypto. I was able to aquire .49 BTC in this last dip and decided it was time to further my education with this program.


I am headed for the Oscars. My dream has always been to be an actor and if you’re going to do something why not go all the way? I have begun modeling taking a few free gigs to get used to the industry. I will be walking in my first fashion show this Spring. I am in the process of saving up to get my call card made and a personal trainer so that I am ready for Central Casting. In the meantime I do my pushups and sit ups every night before bed, I stopped buying mary jane and cigarettes. To hold me accountable ask me if I worked out today, did i smoke today, and how my savings is going?


“What direction are you facing?”

I think I got lucky and started off well but I do not want to dwell on the past but look ahead.

"Where are you facing?"
I’m hoping to be facing perseverance, long nights of research and studying, and rewarding results in the end for the efforts.

"Where are you going?"
I am here to learn and behave like other successful people. I am going to be a successful tax manager and maybe a partner at my firm one day. I want to also be successful in protecting the wealth I accumulate to support my family, give back to God and his people who are in need.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?
I regularly attend church and am actively involved. I give generously and will need to have faith to give more once there is more success ahead.

How can we keep you accountable?
This is always the toughest part, even in faith.
Need to build up habits, disciplines in faith, crypto, work, but also maintain a healthy work life balance.
One accountability is to check this website and read up on an article at least once a day.


Sounds like you know what you want. Now continue to cut out that which prohibits you!


Behave like a successful person. Yup. Power!


Peter, I don’t know how you do it but you are like an energizer bunny! LOL you’re an inspiration man, really. Keep doing what you do brother.


Thank you! It’s because I show up for work.


Many many years ago a friend told me a story of another friend and his seemingly success story. Or what I thought was a “good life” at the time. And back then I thought to myself that I’d like to do that too. So I started down the path, and kind of forgot about the end goal. And then at one time didn’t even want it to happen. Yet I kept doing what I could do to be good at what I was doing. And ended up achieving what I originally wanted.
However times and people change. The goal is now different. Yet I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of always wanting more and more, letting greed take over. And this is one of the reasons I admire you guys, for creating these sites, and helping others achieve what they want.
Hopefully that kind of makes sense, and I’m now facing one of the right directions. And now off to some running and Insanity (prefer it much more than p90x! Lol)


Where are you facing?

  • Towards financial independence and a future controlled by the market and not institutions.

Where are you going?

  • My goal is to see myself spending more time with my family. “Work” most of the time keeps us away from this.
  • Investing early in something like this can help free up time so I can do less “work” and spend more time with the ones I love

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?

  • DCA BTC (the OG of the space)
  • Learn something new every day about emerging technologies and possible impact it would have on our society’s future.
  • Look at good projects. Read/watch what people are saying about it but ultimately decide for myself what the risks and rewards are.
  • Set aside fiat I am ok to lose and put in the crypto space. I might be a bit late in the game but at least i’m not part of the 99% of the human population. LoL

How can we keep you accountable?

  • Continue giving us ideas about how the market! This is such a wonderful community to be a part of.


Interesting topic, surprised by it!

Back in 2008, pretty much fresh out of college (didn’t finish it though), I decided that my career path was going to be different than most. The academic life wasn’t for me, and I’m pretty sure that my high school diploma was given to me out of technicality or similar. Oh well, the past is the past, not point in trying to think “what could have been.”

Fast forward a few years later, and I was still trying to figure out what to do. But I knew that there was a path that needed to be taken. In 2011 I ended up moving to another city here in Red Deer, Alberta to start a fresh life. It was probably one of the best decisions I made as it freed me from a lot of what was keeping me down.

During the last few years up until now, I was still researching what kind of career opportunities to pick from. Since my formal schooling was lacking, it left me with no other choice but to do something non traditional. I began to look into ways to generate an income online.

There were a few including selling online via Amazon and Ebay, which did take off but stalled. However, there are a few bad habits like lack of focus and discipline which ended up sabotaging those projects. But it was not all bad news, as I did learn some valuable lessons from those failures.

Today, I have decided to focus on the Crypto world and also POD (print on demand) selling as my main focuses. It hasn’t been easy, especially since I’m also in a day job. Thankfully my hours there have been reduced and it has left me with more time to give to other projects.

The biggest challenges facing me now is keeping concentrated and consistent with what I’m working on along with managing capital effectively. My past mistakes seemed have given me more motivation to try again with Crypto and POD, I just have to keep reminding myself to not full back into bad habits. In regards to the questions:

Where are you going?

  • Financial freedom so that I can get out of my current situation with a job I really don’t like.
  • Allow more free time towards my creative projects (which are many).
  • Hopefully be able to gain enough experience to teach others about the crypto world.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?

  • Eliminating bad habits and distractions that could derail my efforts.
  • Ask and accept helpful criticism and always listen to good advice.
  • Stop trying to “reinvent the wheel” and go “all in” on something I don’t fully understand.
  • Join and engage in a community, like here. And not try to take on the world alone.

How can we keep you accountable?

  • Always remind me that there despite the dips, negatives and setbacks, there is always a bright future (I know that a tall order, but I will try my best to do the same things for others too)

PS. I’m really enjoying the questions that are being asked, starting to really question what I am doing and what else I could be doing and build momentum towards where I am going!

-Darcy C


Glad you’re here and willing share!

Stay on the straight and narrow. You can do this!!!


Where are you facing? Am facing progress moving in right direction for self actualization, financial freedom and emancipation. Am so glad to be part of this community. Have been in business for 7years trying lots of ventures: Real estate, car import and sales, agency work…the real kenyan hustle… nothing has come close to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This is the right opportune time… my own brother has made it and thanks to him for introducing Cryptos to me am on the same path.
Where are you going? Well, simplicity is bliss. Being able to dispense and fuel my dreams. For now my journey is to get out of debt, then travel the world as I preach and accumulate this new found wealth. Its exciting my 6 year old daughter know daddy is working for bitcoin.
What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction? Constant self education and research on this. Every is a new day. Have learnt lost of stuff and developing my trade strategy now.
How can we keep you accountable? I think by constantly being on this community, sharing my milestones and seeking clarifications and guidance wherever.


Id like to say I’m facing a direction of importance, however I don’t know to be certain. Lately with the crash I find my self chasing my tail to try and keep myself busy. I was looking forward but now I’m just researching and waiting.

Everything’s on hold and laws are changing so I’m looking back on where I’ve been to make sure I’m on the right path. This is my first crash so I’m a little worried but I am keeping my head up in hopes that when the market comes back I can start moving again.

This is an exciting time, don’t get me wrong. I just can’t wait to run.


I’m facing continued long term travel and being able to live and travel anywhere on earth with my partner. To accomplish this, I’m focusing on learning and building up streams of income online, one part of which is sticking through these 90 days and learning how to make profitable trades and a sustainable long-term strategy.


I am facing towards the means to be able to wake up everyday and do whatever it is that I want to do. I have no grand ambitions to own super mansions, skyscrapers, or a garage full of exotic sports cars. All in all I am a pretty cheap date when it comes to living. But that is just it, I want to be able to live.

As a military man for over a decade, I make rather good money and have excellent benefits. My wife also works and has a great paycheck as well. But due to the very restrictive taxes, debts, expenses and the uncertainty of the job market, social security and the economy we wake up everyday and go to work and by the time we get home we may spend 2 or 3 hours together before we have to amble off to bed in order to wake up and start the process again. Weekends are often spent in decompression where nothing gets done for our home or home life. We often don’t even leave the house due to total burn out.

For my future in the military I would have to continue to give up my free time and actually give up more free time if I were to promote. I would deploy for 7months to a year at a time which further takes me away from home.

Bottom line is that I am tired, I am getting older, my body is falling apart from the high intensity training, lack of sleep, and poor diet choices from eating on the fly. My mind is burdened with daily scheduling to meet all the wickets needed to make training requirements in order to deploy. My spirit is low as I see the things I really want to do slip past me because there is no time or because of my obligations.

So I am facing towards the means to produce enough income to support a life style where I can be financially independent enough to get back to living life and enjoying it. I am facing what I am hoping to be my last deployment and that by the time I come home from it, that I will have the right knowledge, tools, wisdom, and of course the right crypto currencies to begin my exit strategy.


No better time to change your life than now.

I talk about it in a future b90x. The idea of shame. Let it sink in. LEt it marinate. Let it change you.


After realizing nearly everything I’ve been taught about life and society growing up have just been intricate lies constructed to keep me sedated, I’m facing truth and enlightenment most of all, regardless of subject or how shocking it might be.

I’ve spent most of my life thinking everything will work itself out, no need to worry about the future. But with the current state of things in the world, being properly prepared for the future is essential. Crypto will hopefully be one step of the way to that.

Since ten or so years ago I’ve been very focused on health, food in particular, and the last six years I have been delving deep into nutrition in order to have optimal health. It’s kind of funny thinking back to when I was a kid and I couldn’t even drink tea without having 8 or more sugar cubes in it first, now I don’t even have sugar in my house. No matter what you want to do, if you’re not healthy you can’t really enjoy it fully. Living the last six years without ever catching a cold tells me that I’m doing something right. Now that I’ve properly started exercising again, after having given it up for 15 years, I hope this will help me focus on where I want to go.

I do my best every day to focus on what is important, and not get distracted by unnecessary things that although they might be fun will ultimately just leave me unfulfilled and with feelings of regret. I have learned a lot in just the last year about financial intelligence, and it is something that really interests me, so I will continue reading as much as I can.

The Pub is such a positive place that I think just visiting this place every day will be enough to keep me motivated to better myself every day.


The discipline is worth it over time! Glad you’re here!


Where are you facing?
Right now, I’m facing my computer monitor, which helps me learn about all the CRYPTOS!!!

But seriously… I’m facing the burden of financial debt after earning a degree in IT, and earning a home, and owning a car, yada yada yada. While I was successful at earning a steady job in my career that continues to challenge me, I don’t think that’s where I should plateau in life. There’s plenty more to see and a lot more to do!

Where are you going?
I see this question and immediately think short and long term goals.
Short term:

  • Travel out of my home state at least 5 times this year
  • Eat less processed food
  • Read 15-20 books this year
  • Own/HODL 3-5 different cryptocurrencies by EOY 2018
  • Pass another IT certification
  • And last but not least, continue to learn and earn as much as I can about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Long term:

  • Make the most logical decisions I can to slowly chip away at the financial debt both me and my wife have.
  • Live a life that sets our future children up for success / giving the greatest amount of choices they need to enjoy life.
  • HODL baby, HODL.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?
Travel-wise, I own a passport and have already left the state once - hooray for me!
I’ve already finished 2 books.
I am starting a study schedule for my certification today - hooray again!

How can we keep you accountable?
Feel free to ask how I’m doing throughout the year! Otherwise, using a calendar/physical agenda has always been most successful for me.