#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



This is a good representation to where I am facing.


I’m facing a path constantly changing and warping from the regulations, manipulations, and speculations around me in the world of crypto. The idea is that I can manage to keep my own ship afloat and navigate the storms until I make it to the “big island”. Nobody can keep me accountable but myself because nobody will ever care enough to fix an issue I have more than me.


I feel like I’m facing a pretty easy road ahead. I have a great job with all the benefits. I do my best to work as little as possible and spend time working on some of my projects and having fun. I was lucky to get into crypto early and paid off a lot of debt. Only regrets are taking too much out too early. I’ve still got my ticket to the moon and a bag of Uncle Charlie’s coins. I believe I have a good selection of alt coins for the long hold. I’ve been investing for a few years. It has done me well. I’m excited for everyone just getting started. I see much wow this year.


I believe I live my life in ‘chapters’ or parts if you will. One year ago I got my journeyman-letter in blacksmithing, and went back to work for my old employer, thus completing that ‘chapter’ in my life.
I never even considered my life to be parted in such a way, and only caught on when everyone else moved on, leaving me wondering what i did wrong. As most people would realize, I to came to the conlusion that I was not wrong. I was stagnant.
While trying to take control of my life, i came across forex trading and was mesmerized. I had to move and got lost in thought again, almost forgetting the revelation of currency.
14 days ago i went hunting with a friend, who mentioned getting into cryptocurrencies, sparking a two-day frenzied duscussion about getting rich on crypto(Going to the moooon) and here i am.
Two weeks into an epic study-session. two years away from quitting my job.
I only know that, whatever i spent these weeks on, is better then grinding csgo, going nowhere.


I’m facing? To be financially stable and provide security for my family.

Where are you going? I’m constantly stuck in a revolving door. I have a great paying job that I love doing, but seems like the more money I make the more I spend.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction? Being a retired senior enlisted Soldier, I have the discipline and am responsible for my actions. This allows me to slowly build my net worth and reduce my debt.

How can we keep you accountable? Encourage and motivate me to stay my course to success. I have thick skin, so don’t be afraid hurt my feelings. :joy:


“If we don’t change our direction, we’ll end up where we’re headed”

I am facing in the direction of health and financial security.

Health: Direction is muscularity, energy, longevity.
LCHF diet. Weights. Walking. Water. Wim hof. Supplements.

FInance: Direction is financial independence. Knowledge to repeat successes.
Steady job with good pay in health care as base. Free time spent learning crypto/blockchain market and trading philosophy. Many avenues for learning before narrowing my focus - learncrypto.io, twitter, bitcoin pub, youtube.


I have taken a strong stance. I am taking control over my finances. I am facing towards finacial freedon and education. Its been extremely empowering. I was tired of not understanding how money works and using my husband as an ATM. I was tired of making .17 interest on my savings account. My behaviors since late October 2017 have absolutely helped me move in that direction. I learned I could trade stocks on my phone on Robinhood and didn’t have to do it old school and hire a broker. I bought my first cryptos in early November on coinbase. I went to a local class. I’ve joined some amazing womens groups and I read everything I can get my hands on. I watch your videos, joined the Bitcoin Pub, Twitter, Tellegram, Reddit, you name it! I’m obsessed with gaining as much knowledge as possible in order to make better decisions. I have two kids in college and a husband that is semi-retired. I want to make sure our future is secure with some solid investments. The more I learn the more my confidence grows. I have a solid portfolio that I am proud of.


Wow. So glad you’re taking responsibility for this phase of your life!

Let’s get it!!!


Learn and create as much wealth as possible by investing in crypto and still have my 9-5 job as an assistant to a autistic kid (at school).
He is helping me staying down to earth even though I can easily quit my job and just live on crypto profits.
We are helping each other without him knowing it.
How do I reach this goal? Keep watching every single thread in the pub, keep searching for new project that will create wealth (current ICO maybe😶) and stay humble in life and job.


Lets see, well I have always wanted to be financially independent I have Graduated college and now I am looking for a way to become financially independent so that me and my wife can enjoy life!!


I’m facing a happy future!!! My husband and I have always lived a humble life and have invested when we could. I am now a stay at home wife.I take care of the farm keep the books while he goes off to work to feed the world. I think I may go back to school and take a few extra classes that i have been wanting to take.
I started investing in stocks about 12 years ago and last year my daughter who is 24 years old came to me and said mom if you want to make some real money in the market invest in bitcoin. Long story short, safe stocks with dividends that pay about nothing a year for what you got in them. I said what the heck sold out of every other secure stock I owned bought into GBTC and UBIA. Well talk about the moon!!! I sold out some of those stocks bought some BTC LTC ETH and some other Alt coins a while back and now i’m here. Interested in learning all I can and i’m glad I found your site.


You so obviously spend a lot of time welcoming new users and keeping on top of the site, it is quite abnormal in a way for someone who obviously may have a million ideas going on and your own stuff to watch over, personal life bla bla.


Where are you going? - I’m facing the moon, blood red in the sea of weak hands, but emboldened by my dedication to dollar cost average my way into an informed decision. I’m cutting out unnecessary expenditures, and am managing my finances with informed decisions. My moon is financial freedom for my children.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction? - I’m holding strong, and maintaining my standard dollar cost buy each week, and reducing my outflow of unneeded spending in order to BUY THE DIP when I can. In addition, I’m exploring how I can get more involved in the crypto space as I further my education into JS and Python, in my off-time from my “day job.”

How can we keep you accountable? - Stand beside me on this ship we sail TO THE MOON!


So glad you’re here! Let’s build the future!


You guys are my family.


Where am I facing?
I am facing a new future for my family and I. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of learning financial/business opportunities and I have recently came across crypto. I am very excited to learn and educate myself so that I’m not making decisions off emotions (although I’m sure that’s going to be a challenge). This seems like its going to be a fun ride and I’m buckled up! I am going to hold myself accountable by being disciplined about my goals in crypto. Focus!
Let’s do this yo!


Ok, so the direction that I have been facing is not necessarily the direction that I really want to go. After a 20-year military career I was lucky enough to land a job that is challenging and well-paying. Over the past several years I have done very well there for myself, but I have found it to be incredibly unsatisfying. If I am going to be here doing this I fully intend to use it to move me into a more financially independent and satisfying life that give me time to spend working on projects that I believe in and enjoy doing. I have been here for a few months now and have listened to these videos a few times, but I am revisiting these to do the assignments and give myself some accountability and discipline. Thank you Peter and John for taking the time to put this thing together and building an amazing community for us to come together and learn and share.


Stick around! The long tail will be worth it!!! :rocket:


I like this question because I makes me think of my recent family, career and property investment successes and consider where I want to go next. I feel that I’m now facing the right direction and I’m in a position to move forward into crypto currency investment. A lot of the projects I have been reading about really interest me and in some cases I become a overexcited in. I did jump into the market at the start of 2018 just before the the dip. I do have faith and “strong hands” I just need to work on my discipline… and many other aspects I’m sure. It’s very early days in the trading game.

Love your work guys, I’m here to endure our challenges hope to be apart of the successes.


Hello, I guess the direction I’m facing is how to become independent. For the last year, I’ve realized I don’t wanna work for others. I’m 36 and for my age , my investments are looking decent for early retirement. I’m a person that doesn’t need many flashy things, big house… I like living more, experiences, good relationships… I’ve always been able to save a decent amount of what I make. I’ve always wanted to learn more about stocks and investing, and recently I discovered Crypto. The fact that it’s a new technology that has to be adopted by main stream companies in the future attracts me a lot. Right now I’m focusing on learning all I can and seeing what possibilities are out there for me. Maybe if I immerse myself in this world I can learn enough to some how help companies in the future to better their businesses, maybe as a consultant or project manager. But who knows, I still want to learn and see what calls for me :blush: