#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



The time is now. It’s never too late my friend! Stay the course!

@CryptoEric - i like your thinking! Master your own destiny!


Learn !! i am in for this revolution.
the blockchain revolution !!!


Facing the MOON and headed to the MOON. When I first read about bitcoin in 2013, I thought this might be my chance. The beginning of the internet happened at the wrong time in my life, so I missed out. The only thing I know at 51 years of age is when an opportunity presents itself, reach out and grab it.


Here we go! Always a good time to begin!


I don’t think I know exactly where I am going in life but I do know I am facing the right direction. Constantly expanding my knowledge pool, learning as much as I can about new technologies and how they can be used to make the world a better place. I also want to learn from the past as a reference to point to guide the blind journey forward into the future. Along the way my goal is to accumulate skills in fields inline with my interests and passions so that one day I can harness them and take my FINAL FORM!! Who knows?! Maybe ill get over 9,000!! (WHAT 9,000???) or go SSJ2… over maybe even achieve ultra instinct! But how can you know your limits if you don’t reach for them. I intend to reach.

How can you keep me accountable, you cant… only I can truly keep myself accountable but I will take your support in the journey and give it right back


for some this might be hard to think about. I like most i have a great idea of where id like to be. i have a job in the auto repair industry. and for me that’s just one step in the right direction. i love old cars or fast cars. that’s all i want to work on. that’s not work, its playing with what i love. unfortunately that’s not what i get to do now. I’ve wanted a custom shop since i was 12 years old. now i’m almost 40. i just made my business name of Dream Maker Customs. it’s going to take way more cash to get my dream going and i knew it before hand. but i dove in anyways. now that I’ve decided to take control of my life i come here. my bank has failed me by saying that i’m the little guy. iv’e got to be bigger before any help can be given. so now with what little i can lose. i’m here trying to invest in good companies in hopes that the help i give out will help me too.


good good. the time is now my friend. let’s get to it!


I’m facing the moon aka Financial Freedom !


Being new to the crypto world, I am trying to change which way I am facing. I have been facing the typical go to college, get a job, and save fore retirement lifestyle. I quickly discovered this wasn’t for me. I love my job and will probably always work in my chosen field, but I don’t want to rely on a W-2 job for my entire life. I want to work because I enjoy it, not because I need the check every two weeks.

I am working towards learning more about the crypto and blockchain world. I am looking to invest in this technology for the long term. I am doing this by recently completing the 10 Days of Bitcoin, now working on B90X. I am doing my own research and seeing what this technology has to offer and how I can be involved. I’m trying to focus on this intelligently, rather than with pure emotion.

I need to make sure I stay disciplined and continue to focus on this program and other research so I can stay with this community for the long haul.


I’m facing learn write code, bitcoin, cryptography and blockchain to develope new apps for the new world. Now I’m reading “Mastering Bitcoin”, Andreas it’s a great teacher and you too.
Thx for your work, buddies :rocket:


I’m facing towards my God & my family - My Fiance …
Maintaining my core believes/priorities then building off those using that to motivate me to succeed in all area’s in my life.
Crypto has also helped me take a better look at my finances it’s help me to become more discipline in my every day because I know if I want to succeed It has to start at my foundation & then branch out from their. If I try to build my house on sand it’s going to fail.


Peter and John, I first want to give thanks for you both providing this community and taking the time to build the videos and other informational outlets.

My direction is simple, looking to build a family here, help others with insight to crypto and helping them get set up here as well.

My main goal is for FREEDOM, freedom from the daily grind of my industry of HVAC, my wife and I also help weekly with feeding and helping the homeless as well as other people that need food or clothes, we work with a park church called Bread & Water Ministry in Riverside California.

I am also the President and Founder of CSCSMM, Christian Soldiers Clean & Sober Motorcycle Ministry, where we do the same as B&W Ministry but also work in recovery.

My goal (direction) is to have the ability to go full time Ministry, build with others a new church to house food and clothes and possibly open a shelter.

I know for now, HVAC needs to be in my life to find monthly bills and slowly purchase crypto

Day 2 completed
Thank you
Jeff T


i always wanted to be an enterpeneur and living a sort of 4 hour a week type of lifestyle,i am working on a high tech startup with my friends and we are really working very hard for be what we want,obviously i am not considering my self an enterpeneur but i am working on it.I also wanted to be free living the lifestyle that i want and do what i want without the pressure to do what the society told me to do,so that’s when it comes crypto,i felt in love with cryptocurriencies because like Andreas Antonopoulos said “this is not a get rich quick scheme but it is a get free quick scheme” so what this is mean to me it s freedom
i hope you understand where i 'm facing.Thank you guys


Right now I’m facing my dreams, and that is where I am going/arriving sooner or later. There have been crypto meetups here in NYC (I live in Long Island) however I was just not interested in crypto like I am now, so I never cared. Today I bought a ticket to the FLUIDITY summit in Brooklyn May 10th.
I am changing my behavior by surrounding myself with people who believe in crypto and the crypto space.

As much as I love Peter asking us how the Pub can keep us accountable, I believe that accountability starts with oneself. Today I will be doing two posts for B90X because I watched the video fir day two in the morning, but never posted. Today I am holding myself accountable for my actions and make sure that I make up for what I missed.


Today, I had an amazing day.

Totally surrendering to my own self mind, but in a positive mentality. To me, the only direction is up. It will be the one true path to accomplish new endeavors.

My passion is technology, video games and a global scale economy. How high can we go? I think as high as your mind can think.

Next challenge for me is to start a Blockchain project, which I would love to passionately take part of. Peter, please reach out to me, because I know you have so many great ideas!

Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!


  1. what direction am i facing? financial freedom
  2. where are you going? becoming a crypto millionaire.
  3. What behaviours are you exhibiting that support that direction? setting goals, learning every day about crypto and networking and learning from people who are in the direction i want to be.
  4. How can we keep you accountable? good question. reminder or notification or a call towards my goals.


Direction I’m facing -> My own fears and darkest places, not to divulge in them, but to look them straight in the eye and overcome them.

Place to go -> Away from home, on to discover the world and its freedom. Independence in mind & wallet. :dark_sunglasses:


Where are you facing?

I’m facing the potential that cryptocurrency will change the world like the internet did.

Where are you going?

I’m heading in the direction that will get me as involved in cryptocurrency as I possibly can.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?

I make a YouTube video everyday about cryptocurrency.

How can we keep you accountable?

Let me know if I slack off on the B90x program or if I don’t make a video about cryptocurrency.

This was a bit harder than Day 1, more internal than external. While what Peter said make sense, I googled and found this that help me understand the mind set that I need.



Everyday I am working on something to grow and learn. I think my biggest obstacle is myself because I am not always certain what it is that I want to do when I grow up, but I am always trying to figure that out.


I love your reasons and I can honestly say that I very closely relate to most of them. Keep grinding my friend because you are motivating me to push harder as well. I love the enthusiasm and the work ethic.